Why you need the duplicate finder

Efficiency achieved with duplicate finder( duplicate files deleter )

If your hard drive is clogged and all bloated because of duplicate files, the duplicate finder is just the solution you need to clean up your disk and make your computer perform to its optimum ability. The duplicate finder is efficient and easy to use software that will clean up your hard disk effectively. If you have been using your computer over a period of time and have noticed that it has considerably slowed down over the days, this is because of duplicate files. Duplicates get created when you move a file from one place to another, and forget about its original location. This is mostly the case with images, videos and music files.

Why you need the duplicate finder

These duplicates files may not seem like a lot to you, but each and every duplicate that is present in multiple locations eats away into your precious disk space, slowing down the performance of your computer. In order to get back your computer to perform well, you must remove all duplicate files and what better solution than the duplicate finder to do it for you. This is not just any regular software. The duplicate finder does not just search for files with similar names or sizes, it uses a byte by byte comparison through a sophisticated algorithm that gives you 100 per cent accuracy. So you can be rest assured that all the duplicate files are hunted down to the last file when you use the  duplicate finder.

How it works

The installation of duplicate finder happens with much ease and you can start scanning your files right away. Once you want the screening to start, the guiding wizard will help you through all the stages that are necessary to find the duplicate content on your computer. You can either choose the scan your entire hard disk, or can pick out specific locations. The duplicate finder also gives you enough flexibility so you choose to scan files of a particular type like music files or video files of data files. Once you have selected your parameters for search, the duplicate finder begins its search byte by byte.

The only downside to the duplicate finder is that it does not scan as fast as other duplicate file finder software. However if you feel that the scan is taking too long, you can always specify that the scanner should leave out the zero byte files. This shortens the scanning time of the duplicate finder drastically and you get your results soon.

Once the duplicates are displayed, you can delete them automatically or put them away in a USB device. If you so wish, you can also keep these duplicate files in separate location for future reference. The duplicate finder is software that gives you precision to the last decimal and improves the performance of your computer manifold. The use of duplicate finder is an necessity in order to keep out the clutter and keep your disk clean and enhance its performance.



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