Using Duplicate Files Deleter to Find Duplicate Documents: Giving a Try to the Free Version before Going for the Purchase

Using Duplicate Files Deleter to Find Duplicate Documents: Giving a Try to the Free Version before Going for the Purchase

Duplicate Files Deleter is an efficient tool to find out and delete duplicate files across various platforms. Moreover, this particular tool comes up with free and pro versions. You may try free version a bit before purchasing the pro version. However, if you are a low-end user requiring handling of a little amount of data, free option should serve you well. On the contrary, if you are a high-end user such as gamer or regular office user, then you should get the pro version as it comes with smoother, faster and better experience. Eventually, after a certain period, the free version will expire and you need to purchase the software for regular usage. Fortunately, it comes with a very little price in contrast with the features it is providing. Here we shall look at how the free version handles with duplicate files.

Free version of the software “Duplicate Files Deleter”, provides you complete solutions to find duplicate documents and get rid all of duplicate contents with the great efficiency and accuracy, boosting up your system performance.

Mentioned below are the capabilities it come with:

  • Detects & lists all duplicate files as well as folders.
  • Supporting any type of drive, it could scan folders, network drive as well as your physical hard drive.
  • Delivers quick removal of the duplicate files.
  • Provided with a quick Look option for previewing duplicate documents
  • Featured with an option for viewing duplicate document’s directory & quickly open these in Finder.
  • Auto-Select feature for selecting duplicates quickly in the specific folders.
  • Delivered with the capability of adding any file, file extension or folder at skip List.
  • Featured with Sorting out of duplicate documents considering different (name, type, path, count and size).
  • Tuning speed of the duplicates search process

As you can understand from the above mentioned discussion that Duplicate files Deleter is alone is sufficient to delete the useless duplicate files, however, you should at least give it a try with the basic or free version before purchasing the pro version. In addition to the free version, duplicate files Deleter comes up with three cost effective pro versions. If you are looking for commercial use, try the pro version, as it will come up with a faster cleaning up process. However, if you are planning to use it for home computer, basic version will be sufficient for deleting duplicate images and contents.


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