Use a duplicate file finder to free up disk space

Use a duplicate file finder to free up disk space

If duplicate files present in the hard disk of your computer, are eating into precious storage space, you need to get a duplicate file finder right away. Sometimes without us knowing it, a file gets duplicated many times over and gets saved into various locations. More often than not this happens when we try to move a file from one location to the other, but instead of pressing the move command we press the copy command. Especially when we attempt to save music or video files, we end up saving multiple copies. As a result our laptop or PC slows down. If you have been facing a similar problem , a duplicate file finder is a software that can set this right for you.

Clearing up

The job of a duplicate file finder is to search multiple locations for same or similar kind of files that have been cluttering your system.  It is not just a simple comparison of names and file sizes. The duplicate file finder uses a fast binary comparison algorithm to carry out this function. This is particularly relevant for music or video or image files which get stored under different names but are otherwise identical.

Once these files have been located, all you have to do is move them into a batch operation and delete them. If you are sceptical about deleting them altogether, you need not worry. The duplicate file finder will also give you the option of previewing them, moving them to a custom folder or even removing them to a USB device if you so wish. Once this is done, it will free up all the disk space and you will see the difference in the performance of your computer.

Some people ask why they need to use a duplicate file finder even if they have ample storage space in their disks. They may not feel like much to you, but these duplicates have the capability of bringing down your computer’s speed drastically. This is because these duplicate files cause disk fragmentation. They can also have a negative influence of the reading and writing capability of your hard disk. It is therefore prudent to use the duplicate file finder regularly.

Ease of use

There are several free and paid versions of a duplicate file finder. You need to find one that is compatible with the operating system of your PC, whether it is an XP, windows 7 or a vista. There are even Mac friendly versions of the duplicate file finder. The application of these software may seem to be a little tedious but they are rather user friendly. You just have to follow the instructions and go through with the usage of a duplicate file finder. The only disadvantage of a duplicate file finder is the fact that it cannot differentiate between and original and a duplicate, so you will have to go through files manually to detect which are the ones you need to keep. But overall a duplicate file finder is a must have to keep up the speed of your PC.


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