Tutorial about Using Duplicate Files Deleter Effectively

Tutorial about Using Duplicate Files Deleter Effectively

Handles Terabytes of Data in Seconds  

As duplicate files waste lots of time and slows your computer significantly, you should delete all duplicate files from your system at once. However, you may not know how to find duplicate files from your system easily. Many duplicate files may already present and significantly reduce the speed. To find out all of those duplicate files with perfection, you must have to use an efficient tool. Few tools are available to delete duplicate files. Among all of those tools, Duplicate File Deleter is one of the best. This effective tool can manage terabytes of duplicate files in seconds. Still, the user interface may appear a bit overwhelming a number at the start. Here, we are proposing a step by step tutorial to let you know about using Duplicate File Deleter effectively.

Installing Duplicate File Deleter

Installing Duplicate File Deleter is as same as installing hundreds of applications you have installed already. At first, you need to download the software from the web. Try to Google Duplicate File Deleter to get it from third party sources. Moreover, you can also download the tool from official website. After clicking the download button, you will be able to download Duplicate File Deleter as a zip file. You can easily extract the file using win zip. After pulling the zip folder, you will get the .exe file of Duplicate File Deleter. Run the .exe file as administrator. Duplicate File Deleter requires administrator right, as it has to reach every inch of your hard drive. It will search for system files and hidden objects as well.

Working with the User Interface

After running the software, you will find an amazing user interface to work with. On the left side, you will find the drives and important location on your system. At the top of that, you will see a button to browse for duplication. After snapping the “Browse” button, it will open up a fresh window to select folders for scanning. You can exclude or include folders using this particular feature. After selecting the folder, the tool will add the location in “items to be added” portion. Right away, you can add more folders for scanning from “add to scan” button. However, you will find the “start scan” button below “add to scan”. Use it to start scanning. After clicking “start scan”, the tool will start scanning and the tool is also featuring a bar showing percentage of scan completion.

Easily Move, Delete, Copy or Rename Duplicate Files

Now that you have completed the search, you will get the result about duplicate files within minutes. It will be very easy to move, delete, copy, or rename folders from the search result.



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