Main features of the Duplicate Files Deleter software

Main features of the Duplicate Files Deleter software

There is a common problem among all the computer users, and that is the great amount of unnecessary files that will make your machine function much slower, taking a long time even opening a folder. With time, this may become frustrating. Even a relaxing activity like playing games for instance may become stressful when you have to wait too much in order to function properly.

Duplicate Files Deleter is a software especially designed for issues like this. With an easy interface and the option of letting you set the search parameters, it will find all the duplicate files from the system. The user will be able to select manually the files that have to be deleted, offering the opportunity to choose what to delete and what to keep. One may even rename some files in order to be able in distinguishing them.

The most important feature is that it protects your critical systems and files by showing you what to delete and what to keep. It has a simple design that helps you select faster the objects, removing only unnecessary duplicates. In this way you will save a lot of space and you’ll be able to keep everything that’s important for the proper functioning of your computer.

Another feature is the one that allows you to choose between selecting manually the files and using the auto selection option. Usually the former is recommended, as you will have full control over the scanning process. It will give you a detailed analysis, showing you the amount of space saved with this process.

It will filter the results in a simple way by showing every file’s properties and moving them in a duplicate file folder, making your job much easier.

If you enable the network, it will scan both local and network file systems.

It’s time to get the best filter available on the market.

Advantages and Functions of Duplicate Files Deleter

Duplicate Files Deleter

Introduction: Basically Duplicate File Deleter is an application that is to save hard disc space by reducing the unnecessary files which are identical. It does not delete all files from personal computers; it will identify which files are identical. Then it will keep the original file and delete all existing same copies of the file.

Most of the computers users download or create files like songs, photos, movies etc every day. After some days hard disc becomes almost full by the files that downloaded and created and no free space left. In that case the only way to get some space with zero cost is to deleting files. But deleting files one by one is much difficult and sometimes in this way people deletes some important file instead of unnecessary wastage mistakenly. So, Duplicate File Deleter can help to solve this problem.

Advantages and Functions of Duplicate Files Deleter:

  1. 1.      Speed up the performance of computer: By deleting duplicate files people can speed up his computer. By using Duplicate Files Deleter he can detect and delete all the existing duplicate files in his computer to minimize the time that normally takes to carry out a scanning process through anti-virus application and to reduce time that required for defragmenting hard disc.
  2. 2.       Active search engine: Duplicate Files Deleter has upgraded MD5 search engine. It searches the duplicate files both by the name and content. So, it is possible with Duplicate Files Deleter to identify the identical files that are of the same content saved with different name.
  3. 3.      Sort out & organize existing medial files: Primary source of the duplicate filesare the media files which remains unorganized and are the main cause of creating disturbances. If there are a lots of media files in a computer then it will be difficult to delete the files one by one. By using Duplicate Files Deleter this problem can be sorted out easily. It will also organize the existing files and increase hard disc space.
  4. 4.      Enhance hard disc space: The name says all. Duplicate Files Deleter detects the duplicate file and delete automatically within lowest time. This application has a feature named Checksum Calculator. Duplicate Files Deleter can scan hidden folders. It has support for SHA-1 and byte by byte. It is capable to scan USB flash drives and other portable storage media.
  5. 5.      Find duplicate files easily: Duplicate Files Deleter creates Integral File Scan Summary Report which can be converted in different types of formats such as XML, HTML and CSV. The reporting feature makes it easier to detect and locate the unnecessary wastage and also analyze trends in file management.


Disadvantage of Duplicate Files:  Duplicate files are harmful for PC. Examples of duplicate files are Viruses, hidden files, unnecessary files, exe files etc. Most of the duplicate files remain hidden in the folder which cannot be seen easily. This file stops PC to operate properly.

Another disadvantage is duplicate files downs speed of PC. Speed is the most important thing for PC without which user cannot work smoothly. Viruses also slow PC. But it is temporary reason because people can use anti-virus software to reduce virus. If hard disc becomes full, computer will be slowing automatically. All these above mentioned problems can be solved permanently by using Duplicate Files Deleter.


How to Use Duplicate Files Deleter: It is very easy to use Duplicate File Deleter and free download. To use the software-

  1. At first download the software of Duplicate Files Deleter. To download the software visit at
  2. If download of the software is completed then install it.
  3. Open the software. Now click on “browser”. Then select where you need to scan.
  4. Click scan now. It scans finally and shows the duplicate files. It removes by Duplicate Files Deleter automatically.

Feature of Duplicate Files Deleter: Some of the features are-

  1. It is a powerful application that works on permanent and secondary storage devices.
  2. Duplicate Files Deleter is user friendly and designed to suit the different types of operating platforms.
  3. It can be able to search through the hidden folders.
  4. Converting the scan reports to HTML and CSV styles.
  5. Retaining and wiping the desired duplicate and wastage file.
  6. It is multi-purpose software.
  7. Fast find and detect duplicate files; safe and reliable.
  8. Reduce file searching time.
  9. It scans both network and local file systems.
  10. It provides Lifetime updates for free.

Conclusion: Duplicate File Deleter is such application that provides the facility to keep the PC in a top shape by dealing with the identical files, sorting out them and arranging the files. It also helps to save time by fastening PC processor and hard disc. At last it can be easily said that it reduce different types of problems which arises for unnecessary files of hard disc space.