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Welcome to a new review about the outstanding application-Duplicatefilesdeleter-the one of  a kind in searching, indexing and managing the duplicates whatever you machine is and whatever the IT experience you’ve got. We always make sure as much as we could our reviews and tutorials be simplest ever for everyone to enjoy. First things first, I want to remind our users and followers not to forget watching and liking our videos on youtube as well as reading our reviews regularly. Today we are going to talk a bit about our application Duplicate Files Deleter and its technologies developed by the best programmers. Duplicate Files Deleter uses CRC32 system code to find and to erase duplicates from our system. so What is meant by CRC32?

CRC32 is the cyclic redundancy check which is an error-detecting code commonly used in digital networks and storage devices to detect accidental changes to raw data and that’s how duplicate files deleter detects files and makes comparisons to easily list them for us and give you the options to keep or remove the duplicates from your system to save huge amounts of data and disk capacity especially if you are in the music business I am pretty sure you have tons and tons of duplicated music tracks which definitely you are in need to get rid of them. Next in this review we will talk about some settings and preferences in the application interface after you open the .exe file located with the downloaded files. You can open the dialogue box simply by clicking the File menu the selecting Options. In the first tab in the dialogue box, you will find a option called Scan Subdirectories, you can check this option of you have a lot of tree folders and subdirectories inside your already selected directory. For more in depth scan without affecting the system files, we check the both options, Protect System Folders & Protect other System Files. If you don’t feel like wasting time already compressed files, you can check the option, Skip compressed Files. As you can see the settings dialogue box is very crispy and simple for every user. You can skip scanning temporary internet folders and recycle bin if you want also. one of my favorite options in this amazing application is the ability to remove empty folder. Many times we have many empty folders without remembering where are them exactly or even their filenames. Here comes our tidy and neat program to organize and delete or empty folders for you to save time also in antivirus scan and avoid being confused while we initiate a download.  whenever you felt like something is not right, you can simply click Restart Settings Button in lower section of the dialogue box to reset all settings to default and start reselecting only what you need. Next tap we find in the dialogue box is called, Preferences. In this tab you find five options to check. The first one is made for showing you quick tips about the application and how you make detailed in depth scan every time the application starts. the second option is used when you make a wildcard search, where you use a character like asterisk or the star  “*” or like question marks “?” in the search field and in the programming language, these are used to substitute them with all possible characters during the search. sometimes in shows you a warning message to tell you that your scan may consume much more time than usual if you used for example, the Asterisk to specify your search for including all files in a specified folder or all files which has a certain file extension. To disable such warning messages simply check that second option in the Preferences tab. The third option is used after you customize  specific options for the scan and you want them to be saved every time you start the application instead of being pulled back to defaults every single time. The next option is highly recommended after you purchase your copy to receive automatic updates from the developers. The last option in this tap is for maximizing the GUI windows for easy scan experience.   The Third and last tab is called, Logging where you can choose a directory to create a log file mentioning all your events in the application with detailed time stamps. Sometimes these log files are useful if you want to trace exactly which duplicates to be removed  and what are remaining for you. You can choose the option to automatically delete log files older than a certain date if you see they are not useful for you anymore. That’s all for the settings dialogue box which is very important in duplicates scanning. I highly recommend you to support the application makers to keep their creativity going for you and me and everybody. Tune in for more coming reviews. See you all soon.


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