Recent Version of Duplicate Files Deleter

A Brief Story about Recent Version of Duplicate Files Deleter: Version 5.8.5 Being Completely Flawless and Highly Competent

From time to time, Duplicate Files Deleter tries in the best possible ways to provide the ultimate experience for the users. That is why, on a continuous basis, the top-notch developers of Duplicate Files Deleter always make sure that the software remains up-to-date and flawless. In order to keep the software continuously up-to-date, the developers delivered several editions. Duplicate Files Deleter regularly keeps itself updating to fix issues, bugs, improve speed, program appearance, improve support for the removable disk drives and CD, fix appeared bugs, develop stability & reliability, optimize memory usage, improve search algorithm, add a new language and improve installer etc. In addition to all of those mentioned above, it continuously makes functionality improvement. Here is a brief about the features of the current version.

The current version of Duplicate Files Deleter has been delivered with an improved algorithm for the search result. In addition, in terms of stability and reliability, this version is one of the best amongst similar type of software available. It comes up with an excellent user interface that delivers all of the key features and buttons closest to your mouse pointer. This Duplicate file Deleter has come up with the memory leak fixation and other developed installer.

tool to find and delete duplicate files

The version is completely supported by almost all of the Windows versions, including Windows 8 and Windows 10. It also comes up with the advanced search that allows the user to look for duplicates by using more precise filters. This current version 5.8.5 is available in three different offers for paid users. It has come up with pro and free options.

Here is the highlight of the Duplicate Files Deleter 5.8.5. It can scan very swiftly through all the files of the systems. While using this completely flawless version of Duplicate Files Deleter, the user will be able to copy, rename, delete or move duplicate files effortlessly. Auto-detection of the duplicate files is available and the search result is 100% accurate derived from the comparison of every byte of data on your hard drive. For finding out the true duplicate images, it uses special algorithms for checking JPEG, BMP, JPG, TIFF, PNG and other image formats as well. It can also compare the music tags. The support is available for the system as well as hidden files. In addition, multi-threading support will be provided to the users. Overall, this version has been developed in such manner so that it can find and delete all the duplicate files flawlessly & swiftly.


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