Powerful program for deleting duplicate files

Computers are an essential part of our everyday life. No surprise that computer developers try to bring more updates, features and technological improvements to fit customers’ needs. It took only several years for technologies to evolve from several megabytes capacity to terabytes and the new upgrades are coming almost every month. Besides, Internet also improved its speed dramatically: less than 15 years ago we had dialup connection which was extremely slow and now we have fiber optic Internet that allows uploading huge files at very high speed without slower the machine down. It definitely made our life easier and more pleasant; however, there are always two sides of the coin. With huge capacity and fast speed we downloaded numerous files and the hard drive get full of duplicates extremely quickly.  It causes to problems with the computer and slower the machine.

It is not a surprise that after every day operations on the computer it collects many duplicate files. The more active user is in front of the computer, the more identical files it has. Especially when you have one machine for the whole family and can’t control what is downloaded. That’s how you get large amount of .mp3, .jpg and other files that you also share with friends and download back and forth. They are collected automatically on physical memory and take large space on the hard disk. Collecting those files reduce computer efficiency because it can perform more important task.

The problem lies in finding those files. If you want to delete them, how would you know which ones are duplicates? To help you finding it there is Duplicate File Deleter. It is a very efficient yet small tool that analyzes the whole system and every file in it to find the repeated content. If you think that it is a slow process that would take forever, then you should know the program uses threaded engine which makes it work fast and without making the machine slower. You can choose scanning on the files on the computer, laptop, corporate intranet, hardware, different locations and so on. Besides, you can also check your USB or memory stick or any other portable storage. It is quite convenient since nowadays USB can have more than 32GB of memory and half of it can be taken by duplicate files.

The interface of the program is very user-friendly and intuitive. The program is meant to be for all PC users including beginners. If you feel confused there is an explanatory video on the official site http://duplicatefilesdeleter.com/. Once Duplicate File Deleter has finished scanning you will see the result in the window and with the preview panel you can start looking through files. Nothing will be deleted without your command and only if you click delete, remove, rename or open buttons operations will be done.

You might be wondering why you can’t use Windows file manager that you automatically got for free with purchasing of the system. According to many reviews on the Internet and numerous complains the Windows manager is far from perfection. Quite usually it can’t handle huge amount of duplicates and got lost or stuck. Moreover, the whole machine runs much slower while file manager is working. Besides, it literally takes forever for it to scan the system. Another question that can be in your head is the use of Disk Defragmenter. It really can help deleting duplicates, but the functionality of it is really limited. It can either delete files that it considers as duplicate or renew the whole system. On a contrary, Duplicate File Deleter is not only much more functional, but also works faster and without bags. It also can find files and folders that were hidden by Windows or by users and from there you can easily manage them. Moreover, sometimes Windows can have viruses, adware or programs that make damage to the whole system. With the tool you can be sure that no virus can stay unnoticed. All unwanted files and duplicates of viruses and adware will be deleted efficiently and in timely manner. With that being said, it is a good support to your antivirus program and it is always a good idea to double check for suspicious files in the system. You may also have an antivirus that don’t delete viruses, but put them into a folder or lock them somewhere. With Duplicate File Deleter you can easily erase those from the folders. And it is only small part of its functions, it wasn’t even made for security purposes, but can do a better job that some specialized software. Not to mention the fact that it is in development and new features are added constantly.

At the moment it can do numerous operations to help you using the computer more efficiently. It helps minimizing the amount of time that antivirus need to scan the system. Since it is faster and easier, Duplicate File Deleter will first erase every repetitive file and then antivirus can scan for viruses. Besides, it gives you more space to use on USBs, disks and laptops. Most of the time they are more than everything suffer from duplicate files. More than a half of the space can be taken by them and it is highly required to check for repetitives. Moreover, if you’re trying to find a file among many duplicates it can take a lot of time. It is much simpler to choose from 10 files than from 100. The interface of Duplicate File Deleter is easy to understand and you don’t need any special skills or additional software to be installed. With a powerful engine it can perform operations very quickly which is really impressive for a small program. It goes through every file in the system with a comprehensive search features. If you have many paths and folders to check you can just do it in a single pass. It saves time and doesn’t slow the machine.

Duplicate File Deleter has network enabled. It means that you can not only scan local files but also network file systems. It is very multifunctional and can replace a file manager and defragmenter. If you need to save the search results for the future or maybe want to analyze them later you can easily do it. Loading and saving are as quick as all other operations. If you want to schedule the search there is a command line for that. It can be done with the next reboot or at any time you find convenient.

As a file manager, it can not only delete, but also rename, copy, zip and do many other operations in the same window. At the very end, if you don’t like long lists of filenames or just want to compare one search results with another you can use an image preview panel.

Deleting duplicate files is an essential part of working with computers. Fast, bags-free machines are free from the garbage and Duplicate File Deleter is the best system cleaner. It can search for all file types, of all sizes and in all directories including hidden ones. Give it a try today and have a much more pleasant experience forever.


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