How to deal with duplicate files

Does this happen with you that your device seeks a huge time when you restart it or reboot it? If you find that the hard disk is overflowed and unessential data cannot be removed easily then the system gets tired and exhausted to work.  Defragmentation is a process file are organized and fragmented (easily transferred) by restoring and rearranging the files into smaller fragments. Defragmentation is not possible with this process as defragmentation consumes much time in deleting from hard disk every single duplicate file.

A new software has been created for the only purpose of removal of unwanted files, duplicate data in the system. This software is called Duplicate File Deleter. This software scans your hard disk to find for every duplicate file in the system. These files are stored at various locations.  This software gives you a thorough list or all-encompassing list of the files that you can filter out with. This is the only software which gives you exact location from where the file has been deleted and detail sequence of how much space has been deleted to save the space for other files.

Duplicate file delete is used to bring your system in proper working conditions.

If your system’s performance has degraded and is slowly failed then the duplicate files needs to be deleted with the help of Duplicate File Deleter. The reason behind the system’s slow working condition is supplicated files in various locations. There are sure chances that the files have been duplicated by you. Most of the times, when you download the music, photos and videos and save onto a particular location, but the file has been autosaved in your PC’s default location.

What is the need to use the Duplicate File Deleter?

If your system is underperforming and your space has become full then duplicate files have been created for this purpose. The Duplicate File Deleter can be easily downloaded on your computer. This software can be used with any operating system. You must download the upgraded version of the Duplicate File Deleter on Windows 98,  Seven, Vista or Windows XP. The interconnection is not simple as compared to different software. The software lives up to the expectation. It is easy to use and is readily available. Once downloaded you can read the instructions carefully. Once you are comfortable with its working and is all set to work  then select the files and folders that will be checked by Duplicate File Deleter software. You can select mass data which is stored in the system or can delete one by one. This procedure can take a bit more time than the usual way. You need to have patience to just merely wait and watch the files being deleted and duplicate file deleter gets its work done by scanning the files appropriately. After this session, you will get a set of original files and the duplicate files. You will be able to check these files efficiently as both duplicate and original files will be placed one after the other.

How to deal with duplicate files:

The duplicate file deleter provides you the privilege of deleting each duplicate data from your system automatically. You really don’t need to perform this operation of deleting the duplicate files automatically. Instead one should always choose to delete the selected data where you can save the original files at any particular place or store in a removable pen drive to make the data secured. Once the data has been secured then these files can easily be deleted. This software is the ultimate solution to free up space from your system and also helps to enhance the performance of your PC.

Features of Duplicate File Deleter:

1) The Duplicate File Deleter can find exact or true duplicates from your system or mac address.

2) There are lots of search methods available like advanced search modes or methods or customized scan modes.

3) This software can easily manage the photos, videos, songs, documents, emails or duplicate documents.

4) This process has swift search accuracy and 100% secure.

5) Before performing the task of deleting the duplicate files it goes through or previews the files for a secured search.

6) If you have mistakenly selected the unwanted file to be deleted then an Undo button always helps I case of emergency.

7) This software can flexibly delete the duplicates from Dropbox and Google drive.

8) For proper duplicate file management Wizard and further assistance is required.

9) The utmost important thing which is protecting the files and folders from deletion accidentally is possible with the help of the software Duplicate File Deleter,

What are the pros or advantages of Duplicate Files Deleter?

1) As its name suggest it is programmed to delete the duplicate files, it is quite swift and fast files scanner.

2) Apart from deleting the duplicate files, this software can also perform the task of renaming or moving supplicate files.

3) Auto-selection helps in finding duplicate files that have to be copied, removed or moved.

4) The files which are selected are 100%  byte to byte comparison between the original and duplicate files.

5) There is a certain formula to search for the duplicates using the “CRC32 Checksum +Filesize”.

6) There is a certain set of comparison of algorithms to find the duplicate photos which are in the format of (JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF, JPG, RAW and other images)

7) There is also one option for file scanning with the help of file mask.

8) When the files are scanned with the help of mask files are excluded that has been scanned.

9) Post scanning you can filter out the options which are to be saved and which are to be deleted.

10) There is a great support of Multithreading.

11) There is system and hidden or secluded files support available.

12) It gives 100% accurate rate and is the fastest Duplicate File Deletion Software.

13) Multithreading support is also available.

Description with its Reviews:

This software helps in solving the confusion between the original files and the duplicate files by removing it from the system permanently. It deleted the files once selected with user’s approval. You do not need to sort out through various or different versions to pick up the correct one. It is a completely free application which removes an unlimited number of folders with their files, can find songs, spreadsheets, and more. Your system is not completely secured and optimized until you have cleaned all the unnecessary files. It is a User-Friendly application with convenient and easier interface. You can export the list of duplicates to HTML,.TXT, CSV. The new version of Duplicate File Deleter is Version 6.3. A new language has been recently added which is Turkish, Chinese. Once you hit the scan button the files will be scanned and the original files will be in blue while the rest of the files will be in black. The size of the file also helps in filtering out the original and duplicate files. There are two features assigned to this application that is photo cleaning and music cleaning.

We think about the options which are explored! So let’s explore this simple software!!

Features of Duplicate Files Deleter

Features of Duplicate Files Deleter

Duplicate Files Deleter is a simple program to remove identical files from your computer. It performs a deep scan and checks all the disks for duplicate files or folders. It is an advanced program, which is quite able to find duplicate files by verifying name, attribute and date of creation. The program also has potential to verify the internal content of each file to ensure the similarity.

The program features several filters. This makes it impossible to commit mistakes and let the identical file escape from the search results. Nevertheless, you should pay much attention while deleting a file. After a scan, the program displays all the search items in a list for the user to verify before deleting it. Above all, if your computer has two operating systems (Windows and Linux), or more than one administrator, it is quite normal that there are duplicate files. So, you also have to pay attention to these references.

It is very easy to download Duplicate Files Deleter. It is possible to do a clean download and install and the user does not need to worry about malware and other add on such as toolbars. The program allows you to do a custom installation. In this case, you can add or remove features according to your requirements.

After downloading and installing the software on your computer, it is necessary to run it to perform a deep scan. You can opt for a folder by folder scanning option or can use custom scan function. Preferences can be given to the size, and content depending on your requisite.

When the search is complete the software will feature options to automatically mark duplicated files and ignore the originals. In addition to this, you can decide whether you want to delete it permanently or to add the item to the “Rescue” section for further recovery.

How to use Duplicate Files Deleter?

How to use Duplicate Files Deleter?

Duplicate Files Deleter more than just a file removal program is a smart way to clear up unwanted files without damaging your computer. Generally, this kind of programs is essential for the proper functioning of a Windows computer, because duplicate files consume lots of hard drive space and will impair the performance of the machine.

This application is designed in such a way that it not only removes, but gives a greater control over their functions. The duplicate files will not automatically delete from your computer. Instead, you can tally them to the original file and then delete them according to your preferences. In addition to this, this is a great program to see the files on your computer according to their format, size, name, location and with the proper extension.

While talking about the qualities of this software, we cannot omit the search speed of this program. Another advantage is that you can choose the scan speed as well as interrupt or cancel it. After the completion of the scan, you can quickly delete, move the file to a different location or create shortcuts.

Since the main job of this software is to find duplicate files, it can easily be executed by clicking on the start scan button. You can totally scan the computer or fragments. Fragmented scanning is possible by choosing the folder or drive. There are several other options and features related to the file tree to the computer. All these features are accessible only to the Pro users.

This is one of the versatile software that displays the search result in an interesting way. It is also possible to organize all your files using several parameters such as file type, name, last modifies, last access and much more. However, before eliminating a file make sure it is a duplicate file. Otherwise, it is too late to rescue it.

How to fix a slow computer using Duplicate Files Deleter?

How to fix a slow computer using Duplicate Files Deleter?

Duplicate Files Deleter is a Windows application to scan and remove duplicate files. The software is quite able to scan any folder or disk to do the job. In addition to this, the user can see the file directory and the list of documents in a different window. This feature helps the software to identify heavy files that are occupying unnecessary space on disk.

Duplicate files are a common problem among computer users. Most people save both their personal and office files on the same computer. All these files consume a lot of space and slow down the performance of your computer. Another evident problem is that most computer users forget the location they save the file. This will finally end up in saving a single file in different names and in different folders.

Practically, it is very easy to use Duplicate Files Deleter. All the main features of the program are accessible directly from the toolbar. Another advantage of using this program is that it is possible to customize the features. For example, you can choose an entire hard disk or a single folder to search for files. Advanced computer users can enter the directory path to search for duplicate files. All these processes will only take a couple of minutes to terminate.

Filtering files using the size, name, extension and content of documents will ensure the quality of the search. After identifying the duplicate files from the search results, you can easily delete them using the option “delete selected files”. The Pro version of the software has several additional features. The user can customize the colors, and the toolbar according to the preferences. A trial version of the software can be downloaded from the official website. If you do not want to install the software on your computer, you can download the portable version of the program.

“Duplicate Files Deleter” has several filters that can use to perform the search

Computer users complain too much about duplicate files on their system. Duplicate files consume a large amount of your hard drive space. There are several technical solutions to fix this problem. “Duplicate Files Deleter” is one such program, which can be used to find duplicate files or folders and remove them. With the help of this software, the user can scan single or multiple folders or disks. The program compares the files by attributing several parameters. The software is secure because, it avoids Windows paths and files in order to avert accidental deletion of registry files. However, the program user can modify this function according to his requirements.

“Duplicate Files Deleter” has several filters that can use to perform the search. They are scan files or disks, file size, songs, photos, videos, compressed files, hidden files and much more.
“Duplicate Files Deleter” is very flexible to use. An average computer user can remove duplicate files from the computer with ease. This way, they can save a lot more space on the hard disk. People download lots of files from the Internet. This will soon end up by creating identical files in different folders or locations. The problem is that many people forget that the computer does not have infinite space. Duplicate files and programs consume a lot of space, which could very well be used for other purposes.

“Duplicate Files Deleter” performs a full scan on your computer, and the user can still set some search criteria. It is possible to delete all the duplicate files at a time or move them to a different folder. This will help the user to determine if it is worth to delete it. It is possible to download a trial version of this software from the official website. This will help the user to determine the quality of the program. The Pro version of the software offers additional features to make your computer literally clean from duplicate files.

Duplicate Files Deleter: features and specifications

Duplicate Files Deleter: features and specifications

There is no way out! If you are not able to care for your computer, it will quickly lose its performance. This happens mainly because of duplicate files in the system. This includes music, videos, photos, documents and much more. When it comes to duplicate files, you can look for software solutions that allow the user to clean the computer of these files. “Duplicate Files Deleter” is one such program that is quite able to eliminate duplicate items from your computer. This will eventually help the computer to retrieve a bit of its initial velocity.

It is very easy to download and install this program. After the installation process, the user can run a scan by choosing a folder or drive. It is also possible to define the file formats to conclude the process quickly. The program is very safe to use. It protects the files that are located in the Windows folder and DLLs. Programs that are saved in these locations are vital, and deletion can cause system crashes.

The software offers a tabbed display system to show the duplicate items. The tabbed window contains the file name, size and location to determine whether it is worth to erase the item.

The program runs fast. It will only take a couple of minutes to terminate the scan. In order to avoid confusion, it is advisable to opt for a folder by folder search. All the features of the program are displayed on the horizontal bar of the software. It is also possible to add and remove items or omit folders from search.

In order to conclude, with the “Duplicate Files Deleter” you can carefully analyze the files on your computer, delete those that are duplicates and free up space on your hard disk. It is possible to download a trial version of the program to test the quality.

Scan, find and delete duplicate files using Duplicate Files Deleter

Scan, find and delete duplicate files using Duplicate Files Deleter

Duplicate Files Deleter is useful Windows based software, cleans your hard drive from duplicate files. This software is blessed with easy-to-use interface, which helps the users to choose the directories to be search and delete the documents and files from the system that are duplicates. It is very easy to install this program on your computer. This utility can be a good alternative to put files in order, eliminate identical items and remove all files that are less frequently used or just remain as junks.

The interface of Duplicate Files Deleter is designed in such a way that even a newcomer can handle it with ease. All the main features of the program can be accessed from the toolbar, which is located on the top of the screen. All the other functions are grouped according to the task to perform.

Practically it is very easy to use this program, since you only need to choose the directories that have to be scanned and exclude that are not required. For example, you can exclude certain sub folders from scanning and avoid folders that hold system files. You can add or remove folders from scanning by choosing the option “Exclude” option. This option is located on the lower part of the program.

After you identify and list the duplicate files, Duplicate Files Deleter allows you to choose those files that needed to be deleted from disk. You can perform this task manually by selecting each item individually, or by using the automatic selection feature of the program.

In order to make the process simple and secure, Duplicate Files Deleter analyzes various information regarding the items, such as: name and location of the file on disk, creation date and the space they occupy on each disk. Considering these data, the program identifies the identical documents and helps you choose the original file.

Things to consider while deleting files using Duplicate Files Deleter

Things to consider while deleting files using Duplicate Files Deleter

“Duplicate Files Deleter” is an interesting Windows utility that can be used to find and eliminate duplicate files on your computer. The software is secure and you can delete the twin files without any fear of losing important data files. The program will scan the computer deeply and has features to find the files that are identical and need to be removed. This process will protect your computer by avoiding system breakdowns.

Most computer users do not know that duplicate files can harm their computer. Why they are harmful, because these will can consume a large amount of your computer memory and hard disk. This makes your computer run slow. However, there are several products that claim to do the same job, but they may end up by deleting the most important files on your operating system. In the case of Duplicate files deleter, it is safe and will always ask your permission to delete a file.

After downloading and installing the software on your computer, the next thing to do is to run it to add the folders that you want to scan for duplicate files. It is very easy to locate the proper function to choose the right folder to scan. After a deep scan, the system will come up with a list of files.

There are several filters available to narrow down the search. For example, if you just want to look for duplicate songs or images, mark the first check box and then click on the “Select” button. This will help you to add more files for further verification.

Generally, it is a difficult task for an average computer user to find these duplicate files. But with this software offers an additional feature known as “selection Assistant” to cooperate the files that have to be deleted from the computer. The interface is very simple and even novice users can manage it without any issues.

Duplicate Files Deleter: the software that really works

Duplicate Files Deleter: the software that really works

Accidentally creating copies of the same files or folders on the computer, will get you confused with the originals, duplicates and hidden files on your hard drive. Sometimes this happens is when you have downloaded the same files more than once or given different names. All these activities will certainly consume a large amount of disk space on your computer and make it slow.

Duplicate Files Deleter is a software for Windows computer that helps the user to search and identify duplicate files on your computer. This software can be used to find duplicate files, photos, images, documents and much more that are wasting the space on your PC.

The program has an intuitive interface, visual quite nice, and has options for viewing, comparing, and deletion of files. All functions are designed in a simple and very practical way.

Duplicate Files Deleter can search for identical files by adding directories or using drag and drop function. With simple drag-and-drop commands, you can start a search and, find identical files with great ease.

A good tool for eliminating duplicate files becomes essential. Equipped with a simple interface, very powerful and effective, Duplicate Files Deleter is quite able to do a file comparison from simple zip file to bit. The program also incorporates a fabulous file removal system. If you just want to install the most minimal programs on your computer, you can always use the portable version of the application.

After installing the program, click the Start button. This action will scan the computer and start file comparison. Within a couple of minutes, the software will come up with a list of files that are eligible for removal. The application seeks to combine the files allegedly duplicated. This will facilitate the file comparison process. Without doubt, Duplicate Files Deleter is the best application to remove identical files from your system.

Tips for using Duplicate File Deleter

Tips for using Duplicate File Deleter

Computer users daily create and save multiple files and create folders for varied purposes. Often they save the same file in different folders. This occurs especially with photographs, either to send to a friend or upload them to a social network. Duplicate File Deleter offers a simple way to fix this issue. It is a program, which is designed to locate identical files in a folder on the computer. With the help of this software, the user can free hard drive space, find duplicate documents and remove them.  The application can be an excellent tool for those who want to organize their computer and saves lots of documents on the same. In addition to this, it offers the possibility to add filters and refine the search, to make it more quickly and accurately.

Duplicate File Deleter helps you manage, organize and remove duplicate files that are saved in a folder. This way, you can free up space on your hard disk and keep your documents more organized.

It is very easy to use this program. The first step is to use it is to add the directory in which you want to search. To do this, simply choose the desired folder from the file tree present on the left side of the program and click on the “Add to Scan”. You cannot add all the directories at the same time, but you can add an entire folder or hard drive like C or D. Then you can set parameters and filters to make the process faster.

In addition to this, you can set a minimum or maximum size of files to be included in the search. When everything is set as required, then click “Start Scan” button to start the search procedure. If it finds duplicate files, they are displayed in a separate window. It is also possible to rename, change the location or delete the duplicate files using Duplicate File Deleter.