Finding duplicate files

Are you tired of waiting for your computer to load files? Perhaps, you cannot do multi-tasking due to the slow performance of your computer? If you have these problems in your computer, then we can help you with that. We introduce an innovative desktop/laptop application that can help you ease your burden when it comes to the performance of your computer. Duplicate Files Deleter is an application that can scan duplicate files from your computer. Easy to use and manage duplicate files stored on your disk.

Finding duplicate files in your hard disk is like finding a needle in a haystack. The fact that your disk has a very large amount of storage, finding those duplicate files will give you a hard time if you do it manually. You may be asking if “why do I have these duplicate files?” Sometimes, you forgot you have an autosave setting turned-on. Surfing the internet, you may fancy pictures, videos, and files that you want to have on your computer. You then downloaded these files and was stored on your disk. This way, files will be duplicated.

Having these duplicate files, the performance of your computer will be affected. When you have a bunch of these computers, your system will be slowed and it will take time to load your files and applications. You will surely be bothered if these will happen to your computer and get irritated. Many of you out there have these problems. Some of you may have a lot of duplicate files that you may think you have a virus on your computer. Remember, finding these files is not that easy. It will take you a lot of time, the fact that your computer has a wide range of storage capacity.

As a response to these problems, we created these application to help you solve it, get rid of duplicate files, and restore the performance of your computer. It’s very easy to use yet it can help you a lot. You just need to add drives you want to scan, though it will take you some time the wait is worth it. After scanning you have the option to delete, transfer or rename those files.

Problem solved! What are you waiting for? Download this application and restore the performance of your computer. You don’t need to install it, you just need to unzip the file and can use it directly.

remove the duplicates

Welcome to a new review about the outstanding application-Duplicatefilesdeleter-the one of  a kind in searching, indexing and managing the duplicates whatever you machine is and whatever the IT experience you’ve got. We always make sure as much as we could our reviews and tutorials be simplest ever for everyone to enjoy. First things first, I want to remind our users and followers not to forget watching and liking our videos on youtube as well as reading our reviews regularly. Today we are going to talk a bit about our application Duplicate Files Deleter and its technologies developed by the best programmers. Duplicate Files Deleter uses CRC32 system code to find and to erase duplicates from our system. so What is meant by CRC32?

CRC32 is the cyclic redundancy check which is an error-detecting code commonly used in digital networks and storage devices to detect accidental changes to raw data and that’s how duplicate files deleter detects files and makes comparisons to easily list them for us and give you the options to keep or remove the duplicates from your system to save huge amounts of data and disk capacity especially if you are in the music business I am pretty sure you have tons and tons of duplicated music tracks which definitely you are in need to get rid of them. Next in this review we will talk about some settings and preferences in the application interface after you open the .exe file located with the downloaded files. You can open the dialogue box simply by clicking the File menu the selecting Options. In the first tab in the dialogue box, you will find a option called Scan Subdirectories, you can check this option of you have a lot of tree folders and subdirectories inside your already selected directory. For more in depth scan without affecting the system files, we check the both options, Protect System Folders & Protect other System Files. If you don’t feel like wasting time already compressed files, you can check the option, Skip compressed Files. As you can see the settings dialogue box is very crispy and simple for every user. You can skip scanning temporary internet folders and recycle bin if you want also. one of my favorite options in this amazing application is the ability to remove empty folder. Many times we have many empty folders without remembering where are them exactly or even their filenames. Here comes our tidy and neat program to organize and delete or empty folders for you to save time also in antivirus scan and avoid being confused while we initiate a download.  whenever you felt like something is not right, you can simply click Restart Settings Button in lower section of the dialogue box to reset all settings to default and start reselecting only what you need. Next tap we find in the dialogue box is called, Preferences. In this tab you find five options to check. The first one is made for showing you quick tips about the application and how you make detailed in depth scan every time the application starts. the second option is used when you make a wildcard search, where you use a character like asterisk or the star  “*” or like question marks “?” in the search field and in the programming language, these are used to substitute them with all possible characters during the search. sometimes in shows you a warning message to tell you that your scan may consume much more time than usual if you used for example, the Asterisk to specify your search for including all files in a specified folder or all files which has a certain file extension. To disable such warning messages simply check that second option in the Preferences tab. The third option is used after you customize  specific options for the scan and you want them to be saved every time you start the application instead of being pulled back to defaults every single time. The next option is highly recommended after you purchase your copy to receive automatic updates from the developers. The last option in this tap is for maximizing the GUI windows for easy scan experience.   The Third and last tab is called, Logging where you can choose a directory to create a log file mentioning all your events in the application with detailed time stamps. Sometimes these log files are useful if you want to trace exactly which duplicates to be removed  and what are remaining for you. You can choose the option to automatically delete log files older than a certain date if you see they are not useful for you anymore. That’s all for the settings dialogue box which is very important in duplicates scanning. I highly recommend you to support the application makers to keep their creativity going for you and me and everybody. Tune in for more coming reviews. See you all soon.

Finding and deleting duplicated files

Do you ever wonder why there is no space in your computer hard drive? Think about the files you have been saving, sharing and installing in your smartphones and computers. Does it give you an idea? You found a bunch of duplicate copies of original files from the system. Having DFD or also known as “Duplicate File Deleter” in your system makes it better to clean the unwanted copies of files that are saved in your computer.

This happen often when users download identical files due to lagging of device and save those to different locations that takes up the storage space on hard drives of the computers and laptops. File sharing can also be the main reasons why there is an identical file generate in our device. This is commonly present in smartphone users; they keep often sharing files like pictures, videos, songs, documents and etc. where the duplicated files are received and it is hidden into a folder on your device. One of the main reasons of duplicated files is the data backup, this is where the user backup those files which already exists, so it generates duplicated files in their device. Having so many application in your device can also provide a similar files by not updating themselves from the older versions because of that, it will automatically download a new file. Cache files, zip files, and thumbnails can also increase your loading of cleaning.

Duplicated files are very harmful when it comes to computers and laptops, duplicated files is not just a files that has been copied or downloaded that makes identical files. Most of the duplicated files are viruses, that remain hidden into a folder in your computer which can result your computer to stops operate properly. So, anti-virus software can use to reduce virus but that doesn’t mean that your device will work fast enough to work smoothly.

Finding and deleting duplicated files manually can consume a lot of time and efforts. If you don’t like wasting your time in deleting files in your computer, you can download the Duplicated Files Deleter that can solve the problem permanently to increase your storage in your phones and hard drives to your computers and laptops. You can download the trial version which can give you a whole bunch of benefits. And lastly, it is a great advantage in order for your device to operate properly.

Delete duplicate files

As we promised, you will always find new reviews and tutorials in our blog, I welcome all of you again to a new software in our library. Today we are going to talk about a special powerful tool that will help us save huge amounts of disk space especially if you are a professional DJ or music composer. Our impressive application is called Duplicate files Deleter. simply go and visit and click the download button to get yourself a trial copy of this wonderful application. What is the idea of this tool? Duplicatefilesdeleter works like charm by searching duplicated files and give you the managing options to delete/move/archive them in completely safe environment. Imagine how would be your antivirus scanner after using Duplicate files Deleter and how fast and reliable would be your system if you are indexing your partitions or using Windows Disk Defragment Tool. This software do not use the classic search filename characters algorithm but uses the programming content of the file itself such that whatever the filename is, it will find duplicates and delete them efficiently. You have a bulky hard disk with lot of music files need to be organized? Am pretty sure you have duplicates. Erase duplicate files smoothly with Duplicate Files Deleter.  I bet you will never find so rich featured application like Duplicate Files Deleter. Don’t forget to visit our support page on the website, simply go to through your favourite brower. In order to Delete duplicate files open your application after it fully downloads and use the simple UI window. Duplicate files deleter do not work without Microsoft’s .NET Frameworks installed (4.0) you can simply get it from this link in Microsoft’s dowloads website and also you have to make sure the .NET Framework option is enabled in your control panel:

Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows features on or off -> Check the box next to Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0( 4.0 )

The archived application file is a zipped folder with only 180 Kbytes of size. Simply unrar it using Winrar or any other unarchiving program found in many many places over the internet. What we mentioned above about the prerequisities of this application is found in the Readme file in the .zip folder. Right-Click the application .exe file and choose from the menu ..> Run as Administrator. As the application window opens, you will find the Files menu which has some Options. just Click Files..> Options and in the Dialogue box you will find search options and you will find that MD5 Checksum + File size is selected by default. That’s why it is not necessary to find duplicates using filename. You can select some options such as Skip Recycle Bin search or for musicians you can select search duplicates using music files tags ( Album, Artwork, Artist, Song Title, …) and many easy to go options that fit enough with almost every user regarding their experience.

I recommend you check the option of searching Hidden files to remove duplicates from hidden folders.  Many users ask about what MD5 checksum mean?

MD5 Checksum is a programming coded tool used to identify and verify data contents. For example, If you need to verify if your Windows copy is original you can use MD5 checksum tools to verify its contents and compares it with the parameters of the original DVD. In the same way, Duplicatefilesdeleter also uses this algorithm to compare files and finds duplicates. For a quick introduction guide to the application, you can click Watch Video Guide on the top righr corner of the application main window.  first step, to browe folders needed to be scanned. Then use program filters such as, Ignoring certain files with certain sizes. Finally, starting the scan by simply clicking the Scan button and using the program oders to manage the scan results. you can Auto Select, Rename, Delete duplicates or move them to specified locations. For full functionality of the program, you are advised to purchase a full copy to get benefited from all features and options in the program. You can choose files masks before scanning, all media files together have a common file mask, with simple click you can scan duplicates in your media files only if your directory or folder contains more than media file types. Also you can turn it to classic search engine by deselecting all options and just selecting Filename option. Duplicates are very frustrating issue in our systems. but not anymore with Duplcates Files deleter, with just couple of clicks you could discover tons of annoying duplicates in your machine that could save you capacity for all your real stuff. The application is not just limited to single path every time you run a scan, but simultaneous paths can be chosen at the same time. That’s all for now, Guys and wait me for future tutorials.

Stay one step ahead of your errors with Duplicate File Deleter!

Stay one step ahead of your errors with Duplicate File Deleter!

Are you having problems with your file? Can you delete them without an error like “windows path limit” appearing on your screen? If you answered the second question with ‘no’, then you might be in serious trouble. See, these errors appear harmless enough at first. It is because they only affect a certain file or folder at a time.

It becomes a huge issue once these errors start spreading to more files and folders. What if there was something you could do to stop that from happening? It would be the most wonderful thing in the world, right? Well, of course it would! This is why you need to know about the Duplicate File Deleter! This tool was created to help you deal with duplicated files which clog up the system and make it impossible to function normally. It’s simple to obtain, even easier to use, and the best part about it is the fact that you can easily get used to it, as soon as you try using it.

Being fairly small in size, you won’t have to worry about it taking additional space on your computer. Basically, all you need to do is get it, install it and launch it. That’s as simple as it gets, considering how fixing these issues manually are almost next to impossible. With the Duplicate File Deleter on your side, you are never going to have to worry about another file getting out of hand, this program is going to round them all up and rid them all of errors which they have been infested with, leaving you to make changes to them any way you would see fit, just like you are supposed to.

You will soon be able to see that this program is the only thing you need when it comes to getting rid of errors which are often going to get into your way. It can get frustrating, so if you don’t find a way to stop them soon, all they are going to do is expand even further and end up investing your whole system or registry. After that, it’s only a matter of time before your entire system becomes unstable and you can’t even turn your computer on. This program is going to stay one step ahead of these errors, so there certainly can’t be any harm in getting it.

Free your hard disk of useless files and folders

Free your hard disk of useless files and folders

We all download files from Internet like photos, music or movies. And all users have on their computers hard disk files with personal photos, music and different document files. Usually if you have folders with music, photos or text documents on your computer there are for sure some duplicates of this file on the hard disk. They are created by accident or because users forget where they have put them. Some of the users duplicate knowingly files and folders because they feel the need of protecting those files. But this action will only steal space from your hard disk which will determinate malfunctions of the operating system.

For avoiding that you can try to manually find duplicates of files and folders from your hard disk. However this action is not recommended because it is not an efficient action. You must keep and evidence of the files and folders to be sure you delete the right files. This presumes lot of time this is why there have been developed tools for searching, finding and deleting duplicate files and folders.

This software is available online and most of them can be found free. They are compatible with Linux, MAC or all versions of Windows. Because of their friendly interface and easy to use and understand options there are not special requirements needed like solid computer knowledge or IT knowledge.

The searching, finding and removing duplicates software provide options that allow you to detect fast and easy duplicate files even if they have been renamed or you have modified their size or location. They can search music, photos or text documents by date, time, size, name or type. Most of these tools show you the duplicates found in the system, after they have detected the duplicate files and folders, by highlighting them with red lines.

Photos are the files which have the most duplicates also they are the files most difficult to search. You might have plenty photo duplicates and not be aware of that. Everyone has photos which have been scaled, renamed, re-size, color corrected or modified by the needs.

Because of these chops and changes the hard disk will lose valuable space but also you won’t be able to find quickly and easy their duplicates. This is why you must download one of the tools for finding and removing duplicates which do not depend of these actions.

 No more duplicate files with Duplicate Files Deleter

Duplicate files- The parasite of the hard disk

Duplicate files- The parasite of the hard disk

Files downloaded from the Internet occupy a valuable space on the hard disk space that must be released periodically. If you have many audio files in computer (music) and a collection of pictures is likely to be among them duplicates. Duplicates files are created by users or by the system.

A manual check to find duplicate files in your computer would last long, especially if the files are scattered all over your computer.

With programs for finding and removing duplicates you can detect duplicate files even if they have been renamed or have other size. The vast majority of programs for finding and removing duplicates are freeware. The only thing you need to do is download and install such a program.

The best thing would be to create a shortcut on your computer desktop or start bar to access the program easily.

Such programs provide access to several options with which you can quickly find duplicate files. You can move, delete or export a list of duplicate files (without the need to remove them).

With programs for finding and removing duplicates you can find duplicate photos even if they have undergone changes like size modified, color corrections or rescale. Most programs of this type allow access to all functions without having to register.

Most duplicate files are created by users. You download something from the Internet and then forget where you downloaded it so you will download again the same file. Accidental duplicates can be also created if there is more than one user of the same computer. You copy or download files from an external device or from Internet and the other user/users do the same thing with the same files. There is also another way of creating unnecessary duplicates. Renaming a file or folder and then forgetting about doing that will determinate the user/ users to download or copy the same files on the hard disk. Duplicate files will load the space of the hard disk useless and not having enough space will affect the proper functioning of the operating system.

The software developed for finding and deleting duplicates do not require advanced knowledge to work with these programs. Both free and paid versions of this program are regularly updated. No need to buy a program that does the same things as the free versions but they look a little better.


Duplicate files delete- A tool that your system must have

Duplicate files delete- A tool that your system must have

Every operating system needs resources for its functions to work properly. Any computer has hard disks on which the operating systems are installed. For being able to provide resources and space, the hard disk needs enough space to do that.

If your computer does not work properly you may consider that there is not enough space on the hard disk. What should you do? You could try to delete some files and folders from your computer, especially the duplicates of the files and folders which steal lots of space. It is not recommended to do this action manually because you will lose a lot of time.

What does this tool do exactly? The software are developed to search and find the files and folders with the same name. Do not worry if you renamed some files or folders. They are also able to identify the files and folders that have been renamed. Also the tools have been developed so that they can find the copies of files and folders even if you have moved, re-size or modified them.

After you install one of the searching and deleting duplicate files just open it by double-clicking on the icon of the program and you will be able to see your hard disk files. Some of them must be configured manually so they can offer you full options. You do not have to be an computer expert or to have IT knowledge. They are tools developed with easy to understand and use options.

Most of these tools support an unlimited number of files and folders and most of them are compatible to Windows, MAC or Linux.

Duplicate search and finder programs are able to find duplicate files in file contents regardless of file name. After the software lists the found duplicate files you have the option to remove, move or copy those duplicates. The search and delete tools look for duplicate songs by title, artist or album. Some programs have included options like Picture Viewer and Music Player. They can also provide protection for the systems files and folders. Most of these programs allows you to export a list of the found duplicate files as HTML, CSV, TXT.


Duplicate files deleter will search and delete files for you

Duplicate files deleter will search and delete files for you

One of the fastest ways to upload unnecessary the hard drive of your computer is to store duplicate files. In most cases we do not even realize that this problem is a fact.

Duplicate files can occur from a variety of causes such as accidental backing, misplaced files, multiple downloads etc. One thing is certain: they can act directly on the optimal running of the hard disk, slowing its response time.

A lot of duplicate files arise from the need to keep a file “safe”, from the need of not losing it, so we will copy it also to another location. Sometimes it happens to forget where we have saved the file, so we will make another copy. Over time, this kind of actions will result in unnecessary storage of these files that will occupy valuable space.

Fortunately, there are some online tools simple and easy to use that are able to identify and remove duplicate files in just a few minutes, so your hard drive will have more space and therefore the system will have enough resources for to run its functions.

There are available both free and paid such programs. The difference between the free and paid versions of these programs is that the ones that you have to pay for being able to use have a better design. The functions available are the same both for free and paid versions.

All of the search and delete duplicates programs fit all versions of Windows. If you have MAC or Linux, then you must look for programs that fit also with these operating systems.

Some programs of finding and deleting duplicates, find duplicate files even if the name was changed. For example, if you have files like “file.avi” and “file (1). avi” such programs can find the duplicate even if the names are not identical.

There are also algorithms that sort all files by size and then compare the files that have equal size. Most of these programs offer fast searching duplicate files.

Some such programs require more manual settings before you will receive their full power, but once the settings are done correctly, they will be very powerful and easy to use.

Not all the software for finding and deleting duplicates are able to find files that have been renamed or re-sized, this is why you have to search the internet and see which of the available programs suits to your needs and the operating system of your computer.