Duplicate Files Deleter Software

Duplicate Files Deleter Software

A jam-packed hard drive ease of your system and hamper you from getting a kick out of all your favorite programs. Duplicate files deleter software helps you dash off some more space by eliminating copied or unnecessary files in bulk. This software gives forth truly what you would presume based on its name, and it does it effectively and quickly. You would not believe how much space it raids off.

The Interface

The slick interface of the program is an agreeable change when you stack up against programs of the same genre. Scanning a file location or a drive takes only a couple of clicks. The software only takes around 90 seconds to analyze a 20 GB drive that had about 3,000 files. The scan log is a bit hard to read, but the program uses a special color-coding to identify duplicate files will help you a lot. The process of deleting the duplicate files need multiple screen verifications. For some users, these verification process may bring a little annoyance, however, it is good to see that the user won’t delete anything that they actually wanted.

Special Features

Duplicate files deleter software is a free tool to help you in brushing up the contents of your personal hard drive or network. You would be taken aback by seeing how many duplicate contents find left behind in a document folder. Videos, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, music Photos – you name it, if any of these files appears twice on your computer then the software will find it. The software’s clear-cut interface makes it possible to trigger duplicate file finding search within a matter of seconds. The user can narrow down their search by identifying the nature of the file, date, size and more. In addition to this, the software makes it possible to specify folders and drives to look at.

One of the advanced features of this software is that it helps the user to choose duplicate files and remove them. The “Selection Assistant” helps you choose the files by folders, drives, dates, groups and more. Furthermore, you can choose a specific folder and erase files that matching it elsewhere.

How to use it?

The first thing to do is to add the folders that you want to scan and find duplicate files. Click on the button “Add Folder”, then locate the desired folder and then click on the icon represented by a blue arrow to send the selected folder to scan list. Now, it is time to use the search filters or to set parameters of the search. You can filter song files or photos or search for files in general. After setting the parameters properly, click on the button “scan” to trigger the process. Deleting the duplicate files is always a tricky thing for less advanced computer users. However, in the case of this software, the “Selection Assistant” will help you fix this issue.


With the help of Duplicate Files Deleter software, you can search for duplicate files on your computer and delete them as quickly as possible. The system offers various features including multiple file deletion verification programs to do away with deleting important files accidentally.

No more duplicate files on your hard drive

Have you mentioned changes in computer’s productivity? Previously it was fast and efficient and now it is slow, not efficient and just annoying. Don’t throw it away; it is not because the machine gets old. There is a cheap and proven way to restore the performance that your PC had at the very beginning. The main reason for the problem lies in the way you use your computer. It may sound ridiculous, but the more time you spend in front of it, the worst it works. With that being said, you need a program to help you. Duplicate Files Deleter is the best option that has proven to be reliable way to improve the computer’s performance dramatically.

Your old system is filled with identical files that you may be not aware of. It can be mp3, jpeg, avi or many other files that you download from the Net on a daily basis. It’s not a big deal at the beginning, but after some time 10 duplicated turn to 1000 duplicates and take a lot of space in the disk. The same happens with memory sticks and other sources. You copy and paste data back and forth and at one day run out of the space. If you have one computer on a family, you can’t control what files are downloaded and it makes everything worse. So, as a result, after several years of using the system it becomes ineffective and slow.

Many users go searching the solution to the Net and find out that Windows has its own file manager and defragmenter. It is true, you can use it, but its functionality is very limited. The manager can’t find many types of files and defragmenter can only delete everything, without giving you any options to decide yourself. That is why you need something else, the more powerful and efficient tool to get rid of duplicates.

Why Duplicate Files Deleter?

Duplicate Files Deleter is a powerful software that become a must for a PC users. It is the fastest and easiest way to make the machine work much faster. Unlike Windows manager it has a better engine and can show more efficient performance. When you use Windows manager, the whole system works much slower and you have to wait for it to be completed. With the Deleter it is not an issue: it searches through different folders with one pass and you can still work on your PC while it is scanning. Moreover, it takes ridiculously small amount of time. If you need to check your system within the certain period, you can simply schedule the program to do that. Besides, if your PC is in a situation when you can’t download anything then the Deleter would find space for itself anyway since it is very small and basic. The same goes for USBs, disks and all other sources: you can choose scanning only a memory stick or a particular folder. Isn’t it great? If you’re still thinking, then you should know that there is a trial version that you can download with a click, and with that you get the whole bunch of benefits:

  • It can find files of all types including images, songs, videos and emails. It can scan the whole system file by file and show it as a well-structured list
  • The whole process is very quick. You don’t need to scan the whole PC every time; you can choose one type of files or one exact folder to make the process even quicker. Besides, it’s very small and can work on the oldest and slowest machines
  • If you’re in a hurry or just don’t want to analyze the results straight away, you can create a report or save it as an image and it will be waiting for you to check. It also can be helpful if you’re unsure about your abilities to manage files and want to ask somebody else to come and help
  • It can scan not only local files or USB’s files, but also network ones. It has the same speed and efficiency levels as scanning any other files
  • The interface is very simple and friendly. If you’re a beginner, you’ll easily find how to start scanning, how long to wait and what to do. You can also easily filter all results with a click, so it will be even more simple to look at
  • There is an option to customize the look of the program so it will look as you want. Once again, it is a great feature for the beginners since the screen won’t be overloaded with buttons and menus
  • If you’re using a trial version, it is easy to update it to the full one. Once it is done you will receive all new information and improvements for free. Moreover, you’ll get an updated version for a life time and not for only a year or a month.

You can see that Duplicate Files Deleter is more than just a small scanning software. It can completely replace the Windows manager or any other manager as well. It can not only delete, but also open, remove, rename and do many other operations. You will be surprised how easy to use and effective it is. If it’s your first time and you don’t know where to start, so here are 4 simple steps:

  1. Downloading is possible on the official site http://duplicatefilesdeleter.com/. It is a one click process that won’t take longer than a minute.
  2. You’ll have a .rar file downloaded and you need to extract it in whenever you want. From there you can install it, which is also very quick.
  3. Open the program and click on the “browser” button. From there you should pick the scanned place. Or you can click on “start” and type the name of the file, if you know it.
  4. Click “scan now”. After that you’ll see all duplicates in a list an can either remove them automatically or manage them as you want. It is highly recommended to use the second way since it is much more flexible and you can choose any location or device.

Sometimes viruses and adware can create duplicates that have different names. Those are the hardest to find and the most harmless to the system. So, that is a real problem to worry about. However, Duplicate Files Deleter’s engine can not only find all of them, but also delete with a click. It has an upgraded engine which is more powerful than Windows manager engine and it can easily replace antivirus. It can also help antivirus to complete scanning processes faster.

So go and grab your version of Duplicate Files Deleter now and make the machine much more effective. It will help you be pleased spending time on the computer and you won’t waste a minute of waiting for a stuck process to be completed.

Significantly improve your PC’s speed and performance

Have you ever been in a situation when you run out of free space on the disk or USB? Or when you think that every unneeded file is deleted but still can’t have enough space? All the problems appear because of duplicate files. It became a bothering thing not that long time ago but grew into a huge issue very fast. So, if you’re having troubles and need help, Duplicate Files Deleter is for you. It can scan through all files to find duplicates and allows you managing it. If you have a memory stick, just choose it with a click and only it will be scanned. It has variety of different options and functions to solve the problem for you quickly and efficiently. The more you use the system, the more duplicates you have and the more you need this software. If you’re still unsure about it, just keep reading and at the end you’ll see it is a must for PC users.

Duplicate files can be created by many different ways. Usually we’re not annoyed by them and can easily ignore any identical file. However, after a long period of computer usage the amount of duplicates became enormously huge and start slowing and damaging the system. If you like listening songs, downloading pictures or watching movies on the PC, be sure you have many identical files. The most common way for them to appear is while they are transferred from one source to another. That way both the system and memory stick got duplicates that are usually ignored and them multiple in quantities. It leads to the fact that one day you can’t download anything on the computer or USB because there’s not enough space and that is a problem.

Duplicate Files Deleter is useful even if you have just started using the computers. It’s always easier to prevent the problem rather than fix it later. Besides, it is very simple in use and user-friendly so you won’t struggle with anything. It has numerous benefits and below there are the most important ones:

  • Save space on the disk, memory stick and other sources

The name of Duplicate Files Deleter speaks for itself: it can delete identical data. However, it is only one function out of many. It can scan, find and show duplicates on the machine or USB and allow you to manage them as you wish. Will it be deleting, zipping, renaming, opening etc. it can easily do it. If you’re wondering what to do if duplicate files are all over the system in many different folders and subfolders or even hidden by system, then you can be sure those files will be found and scanned carefully. It is a smart software that won’t harm the machine and won’t remove anything without your permission. It gives you an ability to operate everything and many options how to perform the operations. It helps saving a lot of space and store files conveniently.

Each file slower the system a little bit. Normally you won’t mention the difference but after a long period of time it can grow to an extent when every operation takes forever to be done. It happens with all files; however duplicates ones make the biggest harm. When your PC is trying to get access to file and finds many identical data it gets stuck and can show errors or keep recording the operation for a long period of time. In this situation many users try to cancel the process or even shut down the machine which is not good for it. To make sure your PC shows the best performance possible you need a powerful program, and Duplicate Files Deleter is one of the best options. Quick scanning will help you to get rid of long waiting.

  • Find identical files with different names

If you’re asking yourself why you need to download anything if you’re checking the system with Windows file manager and it says that everything is great, then the answer is that one day you will be struggling with duplicates files that have different names. The manager that is preinstalled in Windows OS is very limited in functions and uses slow and old engine. It can’t find those files, but they exist and they take space in disks and make the machine run slow. Duplicate Files Deleter can easily do what other managers can’t: it is able to find all duplicates in regardless of their names. That makes it different from numerous programs on the Net and that is something that you can’t do yourself. The Deleter has MD5 engine that is the most powerful and efficient way to find multiple files. It also works great with different MP3 files. You can not only delete them, but also move or rename for future use.

  • The best within the price range

Many programs on the Net are quite price. It is not a surprise since they need to perform so many different tasks quickly and efficiently. However, with Duplicate Files Deleter you can pay $18.9 once and forget about duplicates forever. It works fast, has numerous options and very simple in use, so just give it a try. There is also a trial version that you can use to get into the program and check all benefits yourself. Later it can be upgraded in a premium one at any time.

If you’re still not convinced yet and it looks complicated then it has an option of customized interface. It means that you can make it look as you like and leave unwanted option hidden. It doesn’t require any skills or experience, there is nothing else needed to be installed. You only need a system and the program on it. Downloading and installation are quick as well and you can do it from the official site http://duplicatefilesdeleter.com/.

If you want to be sure that Duplicate Files Deleter doesn’t delete anything without you, you can tell it to scan a particular folder or one kind of file types, be it mp3, jpeg or anything else. You’ll see yourself that it is completely harmless and useful. You might be even surprised by results since you’ll see all hidden files.

To make long story short, Duplicate Files Deleter not only a tool to delete files, but a powerful program that can help with many problems. It has an attractive interface, an easy to understand installation, the best engine to find files and regular upgrades. Once you start using it the system will be much faster and work more efficiently. All files that could be created by viruses and adware will be detected and deleted. Other files can be scheduled to manage later, or you can make comparisons with previous searches, scan multiple folders with one pass and do many other things with this software. Keep your PC in a good shape and save the processor from unnecessary calculations with Duplicate Files Deleter.



Powerful program for deleting duplicate files

Computers are an essential part of our everyday life. No surprise that computer developers try to bring more updates, features and technological improvements to fit customers’ needs. It took only several years for technologies to evolve from several megabytes capacity to terabytes and the new upgrades are coming almost every month. Besides, Internet also improved its speed dramatically: less than 15 years ago we had dialup connection which was extremely slow and now we have fiber optic Internet that allows uploading huge files at very high speed without slower the machine down. It definitely made our life easier and more pleasant; however, there are always two sides of the coin. With huge capacity and fast speed we downloaded numerous files and the hard drive get full of duplicates extremely quickly.  It causes to problems with the computer and slower the machine.

It is not a surprise that after every day operations on the computer it collects many duplicate files. The more active user is in front of the computer, the more identical files it has. Especially when you have one machine for the whole family and can’t control what is downloaded. That’s how you get large amount of .mp3, .jpg and other files that you also share with friends and download back and forth. They are collected automatically on physical memory and take large space on the hard disk. Collecting those files reduce computer efficiency because it can perform more important task.

The problem lies in finding those files. If you want to delete them, how would you know which ones are duplicates? To help you finding it there is Duplicate File Deleter. It is a very efficient yet small tool that analyzes the whole system and every file in it to find the repeated content. If you think that it is a slow process that would take forever, then you should know the program uses threaded engine which makes it work fast and without making the machine slower. You can choose scanning on the files on the computer, laptop, corporate intranet, hardware, different locations and so on. Besides, you can also check your USB or memory stick or any other portable storage. It is quite convenient since nowadays USB can have more than 32GB of memory and half of it can be taken by duplicate files.

The interface of the program is very user-friendly and intuitive. The program is meant to be for all PC users including beginners. If you feel confused there is an explanatory video on the official site http://duplicatefilesdeleter.com/. Once Duplicate File Deleter has finished scanning you will see the result in the window and with the preview panel you can start looking through files. Nothing will be deleted without your command and only if you click delete, remove, rename or open buttons operations will be done.

You might be wondering why you can’t use Windows file manager that you automatically got for free with purchasing of the system. According to many reviews on the Internet and numerous complains the Windows manager is far from perfection. Quite usually it can’t handle huge amount of duplicates and got lost or stuck. Moreover, the whole machine runs much slower while file manager is working. Besides, it literally takes forever for it to scan the system. Another question that can be in your head is the use of Disk Defragmenter. It really can help deleting duplicates, but the functionality of it is really limited. It can either delete files that it considers as duplicate or renew the whole system. On a contrary, Duplicate File Deleter is not only much more functional, but also works faster and without bags. It also can find files and folders that were hidden by Windows or by users and from there you can easily manage them. Moreover, sometimes Windows can have viruses, adware or programs that make damage to the whole system. With the tool you can be sure that no virus can stay unnoticed. All unwanted files and duplicates of viruses and adware will be deleted efficiently and in timely manner. With that being said, it is a good support to your antivirus program and it is always a good idea to double check for suspicious files in the system. You may also have an antivirus that don’t delete viruses, but put them into a folder or lock them somewhere. With Duplicate File Deleter you can easily erase those from the folders. And it is only small part of its functions, it wasn’t even made for security purposes, but can do a better job that some specialized software. Not to mention the fact that it is in development and new features are added constantly.

At the moment it can do numerous operations to help you using the computer more efficiently. It helps minimizing the amount of time that antivirus need to scan the system. Since it is faster and easier, Duplicate File Deleter will first erase every repetitive file and then antivirus can scan for viruses. Besides, it gives you more space to use on USBs, disks and laptops. Most of the time they are more than everything suffer from duplicate files. More than a half of the space can be taken by them and it is highly required to check for repetitives. Moreover, if you’re trying to find a file among many duplicates it can take a lot of time. It is much simpler to choose from 10 files than from 100. The interface of Duplicate File Deleter is easy to understand and you don’t need any special skills or additional software to be installed. With a powerful engine it can perform operations very quickly which is really impressive for a small program. It goes through every file in the system with a comprehensive search features. If you have many paths and folders to check you can just do it in a single pass. It saves time and doesn’t slow the machine.

Duplicate File Deleter has network enabled. It means that you can not only scan local files but also network file systems. It is very multifunctional and can replace a file manager and defragmenter. If you need to save the search results for the future or maybe want to analyze them later you can easily do it. Loading and saving are as quick as all other operations. If you want to schedule the search there is a command line for that. It can be done with the next reboot or at any time you find convenient.

As a file manager, it can not only delete, but also rename, copy, zip and do many other operations in the same window. At the very end, if you don’t like long lists of filenames or just want to compare one search results with another you can use an image preview panel.

Deleting duplicate files is an essential part of working with computers. Fast, bags-free machines are free from the garbage and Duplicate File Deleter is the best system cleaner. It can search for all file types, of all sizes and in all directories including hidden ones. Give it a try today and have a much more pleasant experience forever.

How to find and remove duplicate files on Windows 7

Duplicate Files Deleter is great program for this.  It comes in two editions:  basic and pro.  Basic version will allow you to search for files with same name, same size, same date, etc. You can focus also on scanning hard drive for big files which use most of your space.

Duplicate Files Deleter needs just a few megabytes of space but will help you to get much more additional space on your hard drive.

All you need is to download program here. Then open Duplicate_Files_Deleter.exe and you are ready to use software.

A few simple step how to use program:

  1. Press “Browse…” button to select folder you want to scan for duplicate files.  TIP: You can select additional folders for scanning.
  2. After you have selected folders for scanning, press “Start Scan” button
  3. After scanning finished,  you can use either “Select All”  or “Auto Select Files” to select files you want to delete, rename or copy.  “Auto Select Files” allows you to select only duplicates and “Select All” will select both duplicates and originals. Also you can select manually individual files.
  4. After you have finished selecting files, you can use buttons “Rename Selected”, “Delete Selected”, “Move Files To Folder” to perform appropriate operations for selected files

Hope, you will enjoy using our program Duplicate Files Deleter!

If you will have any questions, please contact us at: Support@DuplicateFilesDeleter.com

More programs created by our company Krojam Soft  you can find here: http://KrojamSoft.com


What is Duplicate Files Deleter?

What is Duplicate Files Deleter?

Duplicate File Deleter is a software which detects the duplicate files in your PC like text documents , pictures , mp3 files etc and removes them. These duplicate files are of no use to you but just eat up your Hard Disk Drive’s memory which could be problem because nowadays prices of hard disks are increasing at pace.

Duplicate Files
Duplicate files are those files which are unnecessary in nature and reside in different directories of your hard disk with the same content. For instance, if you created a Word Document with the name “Office.docx” and saved the same copy in a different location; the latter is regarded as a duplicate file.
Most of the times your operating system creates duplicate files during setup and other kind of administrative operations. It creates duplicate DLL files in different directories of your hard disk. It apparently wastes huge disk space and causes programs to respond slower.

Benefits & Features of Duplicate Files Deleter :

• Instinctual and attractive user interface
• Network enabled – scans both local and network file systems
• Identify and recover wasted disk space
• Reducing the time and media used for backups
• Minimize time used to unneeded virus scanning
• Increase free space on “limited” resources, like laptops and memory disks
• Reduce files searching time
• Duplicate file remover to eliminate synchronization problems
• Runs much more quickly than others in its class, very safe and reliable
• Copy, delete, or move duplicate files
• Find files limited to a specified file mask
• A file checksum calculator tool
• Post-scan results filtering capability
• Highly customizable features and user interface
• Amazing enterprise-ready scalability, performance and efficiency
And Many more at your service…
IS Deleting Duplicate Files The Only Way ?

If you have that question in mind and you are of the view that why only delete them then this software has got the solution for that also. This software has the option to automatically delete all duplicates but on the other hand you can chose the option of sending the duplicates to an external device like USB or on any other device internally.

Using Duplicate Files Deleter For Making Your PC Fast :

Have you ever wondered why your PC becomes slow after you have used it for certain time ? Its because of these duplicate files , while you download some songs or pictures and store it to a specified location you forget that these files may have been auto saved in a default PC location as well. That’s when Duplicate Files Deleter Program comes to your rescue and gets rid of those duplicate files at various different locations for you and makes your PC faster than ever before.

Remember, don’t delete duplicate files in system folders — for example, under C:\Program Files or C:\Windows. Programs may depend on having duplicate copies of certain files in specific places. Leave system files alone and only clean up your own personal data files — documents, images, music files, videos, and everything else you might have a duplicate copy of.
Using the Program

For info on how to use the program , follow this video

To download this program go to this link and follow the instructions there to install it


The Duplicate Files Deleter is an effective software to speed up your PC and also save your precious hard disk space. So don’t waste time and get this software.

The Duplicate File Deleter is just the solution which will now resolve the issue in no time with just a few clicks

Tiring and irritating as it may be , a frequent computer addict is always caught up with on and off rants of memory shortage by the machine. This makes the computer slower and quite inefficient .The most common reason of this shortage of memory is duplication of the files that are used quite often and this duplication not only is common but quite frequent too, leading it to contribute a large share in memory shortage issues .
But that is exactly how computers are built and programmed. The main reason the issue was a difficult one to deal with is real simple. Locating and then deleting every duplicate file is an exhausting procedure and will consume countless hour, but not anymore. Considering the dire need for a program that can deal with the issue a recent software have hit the shelves. Goes by the name of The Duplicate File Deleter is just the solution which will now resolve the issue in no time with just a few clicks
The Dplicate File deleter, a software built with the sole purpose of deleting any duplicate file that generates itself, a problem that is in the forefronts in occupying memory unnecessarily. The duplicate file deleter searches the computer and dislays all the duplicate files giving you a elaborate description of a how much memory you can save by deleting the file. The program comes with an easy to use interface and a compatibility with all the operating systems. It is equipped with a feature of a localised search where you can define the path or file which you want to search. Adding to its user friendly features the program is not only confined to your personal computer but cleansing routine can also be applied on the network the personal computer is a part of. The check on the authenticity of the being duplicate is another plus to the features of this software, it also able to perform the cyclic redundancy check to keep a check whether the raw data is safe from accidental changes. The program is also equipped with a file checksum calculator. Its highly easy to use and customizable interface are the final few touch ups making this software a must have for any computer user.
So now no more memory shortage message pop ups, no more slowing down of computers just a few clicks on this efficient and easy to use sofware and you are all set to work with the desired efficiency of your personal computer .

Best Solution to Delete Duplicate Files

Pcs Getting Slow Due to Duplicate Files

Duplicate Files are the main reasons behind rapid slowing of pc. If your computer gets too slow just after few hours of a system cleanup such as defragment or registry cleaning, the experience can obviously be horrible. While experiencing this type of problem, you might not even be able to use normal day-to-day software. If your system has been suffering from too many duplicate files, the system may not support games and other high-end applications at all. In addition, duplicate files also take up spaces from registry in some cases. Overall, it is really a mess to have many duplicate files in the system. Here, we are offering an excellent solution for you to delete duplicate files easily. For easy removal of duplicate files, there is no alternative of Duplicate Files Deleter. Do not consider it as a sales speech. This handy tool has already grabbed attention of thousands around the world. Moreover, just after few days of release, we have received information that it has already gone viral.

Windows 10 Automatic Defragment- Nowhere Nearer To a Valid Solution

If you are using Windows 10, your system will get defragged automatically. Here, you must have to know that the system drive must have 10% of free space to perform the defragment. If your duplicate files already have taken the required space to defrag the system, your windows 10 will suffer terribly. In that circumstance, you might not even be able to open up 4/5 tabs simultaneously in a light application like chrome. Getting rid of this problem is easy, but it is not free. How long will be experiencing a slower pc? Is not it better to buy a cheaper package of Duplicate Files Deleter instead? If you are thinking about heavy usage, try the pro packages. No application of similar genre offers free service. After cautious comparison of the similar applications, we have found that this tool is far ahead of it’s competitors.

Are You Considering Manual Removal of Duplicate Files?

If you are experiencing problems due to duplicate files, you may also manually remove the files. However, imagine performing manual searches in terabytes of data. Is it really possible? What do you think?

What Are You Waiting About? Get Duplicate Files Deleter Now!

Certainly manual removal of duplicate files is not an option. You have to get the Duplicate Files Deleter for getting rid of this nauseating issue. Do not get too worried about the price of this excellent tool. Duplicate Files Deleter is worth the money you are going to spend. However, choose among three awesomely designed package made available from Duplicate Files Deleter team.

Preface To Duplicate Files Deleter

Preface To Duplicate Files Deleter

What is Duplicate Files Deleter

If your computer has too many duplicate files, it may become slower. It will not be able to open files as well as games smoothly. It can be very frustrating to experience a slower system. This Duplicate File Deleter is an excellent product to copy, delete, rename, or move duplicate files. In addition, using this particular software is also very easy. People with little or no knowledge in computer file management can be able to handle this tool. The scanning feature of this handy tool is developed in such fashion that it will carry on the flawless file search. Equally, it can efficiently access to every niche of your file system, there is no opportunity of error at all.

Dealing with Duplicate Files Deleter

Duplicate Files Deleter deals with the files of system very cautiously. The developers also designed the code for this tool perfectly. It has now become a number one choice of deleting duplicate files. Have us look why duplicate files may break in the system. Duplicate files may be developed due to several reasons. It can be generated due to faults in the file management. A user may have downloaded a single file several times. After removal of a software, few files remain in the system, which have to be deleted manually. If you do not delete the old files, reinstalling the same software may generate duplicate files. In addition, games and large software have wide range of software within the database. Even after uninstalling the program, chances of duplicate file development will always persist.

How It Works

The algorithm used for Duplicate File Deleter is of higher quality. It used the CRC32 Checksum along with File size for performing the comparison of files. This special comparison system of this tool can handle different file type. It can efficiently find duplicate image and music. In addition, it is well capable of handling any type of files and folders available in the system.

Using Duplicate Files Deleter

While using this particular tool, you actually need to scan your system. While scanning the system, the tool will provide an excellent user interface. The interface is awesomely designed for comfortable use. It can show the percentage of every scan. In addition, all important menus and tool bars like rename, copy, or remove will be visible easily. However, after performing the scan, the user will be able to find out whether there is any duplicate file. If there are duplicate files, the tool will show their locations. After that, you can delete, move, rename, or copy the duplicate files using the file system of this outstanding tool.

Brief about Duplicate Files Deleter Deals

Brief about Duplicate Files Deleter Deals

No Deal Better than Duplicate Files Deleter Deal

You will never get a better deal than the package Duplicate Files Deleter is offering. It is featuring three exciting packages for deleting duplicate files from the system. To recover terabytes of spaces and speed up your PCs in seconds, Duplicate Files Deleter has already demonstrated its efficacy. Now, you can easily find and delete the duplicate file from your system in seconds using Duplicate Files Deleter. All of the three deals of Duplicate Files Deleter have powerful features, which can help you remove duplicate documents, MP3s, videos, emails, photos etc. Providing amazingly fast results and smooth operations, Duplicate Files Deleter has already grabbed the attention of thousands to deal with their duplicate file issue. Make your purchase today to experience a cleaner and faster working and gaming experience.

Home License to Use Personally

While selecting your deal, you should consider your budget and requirement. If you do not want to spend much for this particular software, try the free version to check whether this tool worth the money. We can guarantee that after using the demo or a free trial version, you cannot resist yourself from making the purchase. However, to deal with the requirements of low end users, Home license is sufficient. It will cost $24 and you just need to make the payment once. However, this particular deal will allow the users to scan duplicate files. In addition, it also can scan file filters. Moreover, it is featuring log files as well as email support.

Business License for High End Users

If you are employing this tool for detecting millions of duplicate files or contents in seconds, try applying the business edition. It will require you to pay one-time $47. However, we can guarantee that the product is worth the money. In addition to scan duplicate files, it can find out duplicate music files from your system. In addition, you will be able to select which music format you will be exploring. For instance, if you need to find out duplicate music with FLAC format, you need to choose FLAC only while scanning the duplicate files. It will lessen the time needed for searching and will ultimately save you time.

Highly Advanced Features with Business PRO

Nevertheless, if you are a high-end user looking for advanced features of Duplicate Files Deleter, you must hold to choose the Business PRO License. It will cost a one-time $77. Along with the features of Home License and Business License, it is featuring duplicate file search within archives. In addition, the business pro license will allow the user to find and delete duplicate files from Drive and Dropbox. 24/7 online chats and premium phone support is available for Business PRO users.