Main features of the Duplicate Files Deleter software

Main features of the Duplicate Files Deleter software

There is a common problem among all the computer users, and that is the great amount of unnecessary files that will make your machine function much slower, taking a long time even opening a folder. With time, this may become frustrating. Even a relaxing activity like playing games for instance may become stressful when you have to wait too much in order to function properly.

Duplicate Files Deleter is a software especially designed for issues like this. With an easy interface and the option of letting you set the search parameters, it will find all the duplicate files from the system. The user will be able to select manually the files that have to be deleted, offering the opportunity to choose what to delete and what to keep. One may even rename some files in order to be able in distinguishing them.

The most important feature is that it protects your critical systems and files by showing you what to delete and what to keep. It has a simple design that helps you select faster the objects, removing only unnecessary duplicates. In this way you will save a lot of space and you’ll be able to keep everything that’s important for the proper functioning of your computer.

Another feature is the one that allows you to choose between selecting manually the files and using the auto selection option. Usually the former is recommended, as you will have full control over the scanning process. It will give you a detailed analysis, showing you the amount of space saved with this process.

It will filter the results in a simple way by showing every file’s properties and moving them in a duplicate file folder, making your job much easier.

If you enable the network, it will scan both local and network file systems.

It’s time to get the best filter available on the market.


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