Key features of duplicate files deleter

Duplicate File Deleter

While using daily routine activities computer user inevitably receive many identical files. This probability even increases more when user has active PC user profile. Its often that user download large files of different extensions including mp3, jpg, flvs etc using internet or local network stream and share them with their friends without realizing that of how many similar files were downloaded or collected on physical memory by perform such actions. Duplication of those files consume large space of valuable hard disk, Saving those unnecessary files may reduce efficiency of other process which need more space to perform in more efficient manners.  Duplicate File deleter is very efficient to search all duplicate files in complete hard disk this superb functionality will not experience lack of free disk space to Operating System and allows system to have smooth execution of all other user instructions.

Fringe Benefits

  • Improvement in Hard disk Performance

The existence of identical files creates two major issues. These files increase hard disk space consumption and reduce hard disk performance. So in such conditions where we have large number of identical files, hard disk prompt of have defragmentation and the process of defragmentation also consume more time.  By deleting these identical files hard disk response time increase and it amazingly minimize time consumption consuming by any antivirus to scan computer.

  • Improvement in media collections

By using duplicate file finder, it’s very easy to find and sort all medial related files.  Since the media files collection has more probability of file duplication so this feature of duplicate file delete helps to organize all those file in very well define manners which helps to increase free disk space require to increase the collection space.

  • Contents wise duplicate finding

This feature is very helpful in the case when identical files are saved in different names. This feature use md5 search engine methodology which helps to search identical files by reading the file contents.

    • HAC and HCI GUI features
    • Comprehensive searching ,filtration functionalities
    • Multithread classification engine(support to run more than one duplication finding capabilities at a time)
    • Enable to search local and network file system
    • Results can be print and exported in different files e.g HTML ,csv etc
    • Customizable to adjust, create different schedules
    • No fees for Life Time updates etc



Need of Duplicate file deleter

If you are worried about your PC performance because of your hard disk space if full then you don’t need to worried any more . This software is ready to clean your duplicate files and ready to give you the results. You can download this free product and install it on different operating systems including Windows XP, Vista, Seven and even on 98. Its good to read the instruction after once you run it first time. You need to select the folder that you need to scan. You need to wait for awhile till software give you report of all scan.

This software is very efficient and effective which not only increase valuable storage but also boost up the overall performance of the personal computer. You are almost their so get step and download this software right away.



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