Interesting features of Duplicate Files Deleter

Interesting features of Duplicate Files Deleter

Duplicate Files Deleter is a simple application which allows users to find and delete duplicate documents. The program works by removing redundant files and folders, which owes to take up valuable space in the hard disk. The utility program is ideal for users with limited hard disk space and a huge collection of files.

Simple interface

Duplicate Files Deleter runs on a simple interface. The program has a GUI, which is ideal for novice users and professional programmers! Initially, users must select the files and folders that they want to delete. The program runs an internal search, through which it identifies duplicate documents with the specified name. The customized tool has a special criterion for matching and deleting redundant files. Additionally, it allows users to decide on the files that they would want to move or delete. Duplicate Files Deleter is acknowledged as an intuitive program. It is totally transparent and does not require any guidance.

Totally free

The utility program is totally free. It can be installed and uninstalled at any time. The simple program requires a nominal amount of system maintenance. Duplicate Files Deleter speeds up indexing and reduces the amount of time required for searching. It optimizes system performance by removing unnecessary files and cloned documents. Regaining valuable hard disk space and enhancing data quality is a great achievement for users with limited system resources.

File cleaner

Apart from files and folders, Duplicate Files Deleter can be used to do away with redundant pictures, songs and videos. The file cleaner can be used over networks and local PCs. Furthermore, the Fuzzy match technique helps the utility tool to save files with minute differences. Duplicate Files Deleter skips hidden files. It saves its job session and results for future reference. These results can be exported in different formats like CSV and HTML.


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