How to use Duplicate Files Deleter

How to use Duplicate Files Deleter

With time, there begin to gather many unnecessary files in every computer. Duplicate Files Deleter allows you to safely remove all these duplicate files that make your machine function slower.

This program is well known for its simplicity and easy interface, so even if you are not a computer geek, you will be able to use it. But this is not all, actually you will be able to see how it is working and after the process is complete, the software will give you a detailed analysis of how much space could be saved by deleting the duplicate files.

In order to succeed deleting them properly, you will have to make a few steps, which are explained bellow, as follows:

Step 1. Download and install properly the program, following the instructions. You may see that it has a competitive price, being a great investment that will actually save you more money

Step 2. Select all the folders and subfolders that need to be scanned manually. You shall realize that it is able to search in various locations at the same time.

Step 3. After it has finished the scanning process, you will see a complete list with all the files that have been found.  The third step consists into identifying the original files, saving them into your PC, and deleting all the duplicates. Be aware that sometimes you may find the same file in different locations.

After completing all the above mentioned steps, you should restart your computer and see the way it functions. There will be a visible improvement that may be seen even by those who don’t know their way with computers.

This software was designed for all types of operating systems, so you don’t have to worry that it won’t function properly. But if you have any doubts, you should try at first the free trial and see how it works.


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