How to use Duplicate Files Deleter?

How to use Duplicate Files Deleter?

Duplicate Files Deleter more than just a file removal program is a smart way to clear up unwanted files without damaging your computer. Generally, this kind of programs is essential for the proper functioning of a Windows computer, because duplicate files consume lots of hard drive space and will impair the performance of the machine.

This application is designed in such a way that it not only removes, but gives a greater control over their functions. The duplicate files will not automatically delete from your computer. Instead, you can tally them to the original file and then delete them according to your preferences. In addition to this, this is a great program to see the files on your computer according to their format, size, name, location and with the proper extension.

While talking about the qualities of this software, we cannot omit the search speed of this program. Another advantage is that you can choose the scan speed as well as interrupt or cancel it. After the completion of the scan, you can quickly delete, move the file to a different location or create shortcuts.

Since the main job of this software is to find duplicate files, it can easily be executed by clicking on the start scan button. You can totally scan the computer or fragments. Fragmented scanning is possible by choosing the folder or drive. There are several other options and features related to the file tree to the computer. All these features are accessible only to the Pro users.

This is one of the versatile software that displays the search result in an interesting way. It is also possible to organize all your files using several parameters such as file type, name, last modifies, last access and much more. However, before eliminating a file make sure it is a duplicate file. Otherwise, it is too late to rescue it.


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