How to fix a slow computer using Duplicate Files Deleter?

How to fix a slow computer using Duplicate Files Deleter?

Duplicate Files Deleter is a Windows application to scan and remove duplicate files. The software is quite able to scan any folder or disk to do the job. In addition to this, the user can see the file directory and the list of documents in a different window. This feature helps the software to identify heavy files that are occupying unnecessary space on disk.

Duplicate files are a common problem among computer users. Most people save both their personal and office files on the same computer. All these files consume a lot of space and slow down the performance of your computer. Another evident problem is that most computer users forget the location they save the file. This will finally end up in saving a single file in different names and in different folders.

Practically, it is very easy to use Duplicate Files Deleter. All the main features of the program are accessible directly from the toolbar. Another advantage of using this program is that it is possible to customize the features. For example, you can choose an entire hard disk or a single folder to search for files. Advanced computer users can enter the directory path to search for duplicate files. All these processes will only take a couple of minutes to terminate.

Filtering files using the size, name, extension and content of documents will ensure the quality of the search. After identifying the duplicate files from the search results, you can easily delete them using the option “delete selected files”. The Pro version of the software has several additional features. The user can customize the colors, and the toolbar according to the preferences. A trial version of the software can be downloaded from the official website. If you do not want to install the software on your computer, you can download the portable version of the program.


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