How to find and remove duplicate files on Windows 7

Duplicate Files Deleter is great program for this.  It comes in two editions:  basic and pro.  Basic version will allow you to search for files with same name, same size, same date, etc. You can focus also on scanning hard drive for big files which use most of your space.

Duplicate Files Deleter needs just a few megabytes of space but will help you to get much more additional space on your hard drive.

All you need is to download program here. Then open Duplicate_Files_Deleter.exe and you are ready to use software.

A few simple step how to use program:

  1. Press “Browse…” button to select folder you want to scan for duplicate files.  TIP: You can select additional folders for scanning.
  2. After you have selected folders for scanning, press “Start Scan” button
  3. After scanning finished,  you can use either “Select All”  or “Auto Select Files” to select files you want to delete, rename or copy.  “Auto Select Files” allows you to select only duplicates and “Select All” will select both duplicates and originals. Also you can select manually individual files.
  4. After you have finished selecting files, you can use buttons “Rename Selected”, “Delete Selected”, “Move Files To Folder” to perform appropriate operations for selected files

Hope, you will enjoy using our program Duplicate Files Deleter!

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