How to find and delete duplicate files on Windows 10

How to find and delete duplicate files on Windows 10: being a superb solution looking at the key features of Duplicate Files Deleter

Generally, people don’t remember that they have a file somewhere, or end up having many folders with many identical files. Manually tracking down duplicates is hardly practical. Duplicate File finder makes it possible to trigger duplicate file, finding search within a matter of seconds. The user can narrow down their search by filtering the nature of the file, date, size and more. In addition to this, the software makes it possible to specify folders and scan hard drives for duplicates.

Below are the list of features that “Duplicate file Deleter” software provides:

  • Powerful search engines delivering byte to byte comparison.
  • Restoring your system stability.
  • Helping in filtering the junk files and getting rid of them.
  • Improving the computer’s performance.
  • Protecting your privacy
  • Finding the files having same contents, name and zero size.
  • Finding duplicate pictures, videos as well as songs.
  • Scanning the hard drive for duplicates.
  • Delivering faster, accurate and time saving performance
  • Searching local PC and over network.
  • Increasing free space on the “limited” resources, such as laptops and memory disks
  • Providing a user Friendly Interface.
  • Exporting duplicate file search results in several file formats.
  • Excluding files to be scanned by mask
  • File size filters
  • Providing Music tags comparison
  • Comes up with system and hidden files support
  • Featured with Post-scan results filtering options
  • Multithreading support
  • Delivered with the wizard and assistant for super-easy duplicate file management
  • Protecting your system files and folders from accidental deletion

Let us look how we can delete duplicate files on Windows 10. Let us begin with the downloading. From the scratches, here, we will show how to install and utilize this supreme solution.

how to find duplicate files in windows 10

After downloading the software, you need to click at the button “Add folder”. After that, locate the folder that has to be scanned. After selecting the folder, hit the scan button. It will take only a few seconds to perform the scan. After performing the scan, you will be shown the result page. At the result page, you will find duplicate files and their locations. From the filtered search result, you will be able to delete, remove or rename the duplicate folders as well as files. This particular feature is applicable for the music files and images as well. You cannot really imagine how much space is occupied by the duplicate folder before giving this software a try. After giving it a try, you will be able to find out its significance. It has three versions available. Choose one among these three that suits better to your needs.



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