Get Rid of all the Duplicate Files with Duplicate Files Deleter


Regular activity of computer unsurprisingly directs to gather same files on computer, especially if a person is an active user of PC. Active computer and internet users cannot prevent downloading different types of files. They like to download various styles of audios, video files, applications or documents from online servers and local networks. Occasionally, they also tend to share these files to their friends, not knowing they transfer the same files every day. Retaining unnecessary files denotes ruining or wasting the hard disk. Thus, causing some computer problem such as it slows down the running of computer and low the disk space.  Providentially, Duplicate File Deleter is here to resolve these problems.


Duplicate File Deleter is software not only for deleting unnecessary files safely, but also will improve the performance of personal computers.  It can be downloaded for free to computer, regardless of the operating system such as window XP, window 7, window 8, Mac and any other operating system. Fastest among duplicate file finders, duplicate file cleaner. Moreover, it is very user friendly and especially designed for beginners.

The instructions to operate this software are very easy to follow. As soon as the software is downloaded and equipped to use, select the folders that wished to be scanned. Wait and watch as the software gets to control scanning the folders for duplicate files. This may take a moment or two because it depends on how many the files needed to be scanned. Afterwards, Duplicate File Deleter will have the whole lists of original and identical files. It includes the size and modification of dates of the original files and the duplicates as well.

Even the Duplication File deleter allows automatic omission of replicated files; it is still the owner’s choice to choose other options which will give elasticity of picking the location on a drive to keep the data.


The duplicate files deleter not only helps people to use PC without difficulty, but also they have a lot of other features, for which the users will find cosiness and security while using this software. It has an eye-catching and intuitive user interface. It has checksum calculator which can scan hidden files because it is supported by powerful search engines for byte by byte and SHA-1algorithms. The application has an upgraded search engine with filtering of results features. The Duplicate Files Deleter creates a detailed “Integrated Duplicate File Scan Summary Report” that can be exported in a variety of formats such as XML, HTML and CSV. Because of its SmartMark technology, it has effective multi-threaded duplicate file classification―it is be capable of finding files with same contents, same name and same size, for example, two identical audio but have different name.  Also, it loads and saves entire projects with ease.  Besides, the duplicate file management of this software allows safer moving, fastening and deleting files. On the other hand, it also scans both local and network file system that is useful on shared network drives. Likewise, it is capable of scanning USB flash drives and other portable storage media. Lastly, it offers lifetime free updates.


Duplicate File Deleter enhances the performance of the computer. By deleting the clone files, it adds the free space on limited resources since it identifies and recovers wasted sick space. There is no meaning of having two or more same files in different or one location on the hard disk. The software can be used not only for home based desktop and laptop computers but it can be used and modified for the enterprise programs. Computers will run much more quickly than those others in its category. Consequently, it helps to lessen the time used to extra virus scanning.  Also, it reduces files searching time, especially when there is a huge collection of audios and videos. Sometimes, it is hard to detect the identical files on your PC but organizing and sorting out existing media will also not be a problem anymore because this software will be a great help. Indeed, it helps out to remove synchronization problems. The software can also be used as a safety device to analyse possible rupture in data security when secure information is copied and stored unto secret locations.


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