Get Rid of all the Duplicate Files with Duplicate Files Deleter

Get Rid of all the Duplicate Files with Duplicate Files Deleter

Duplicate Files! Not enough disk space on your computer? Well, there’s a solution to this problem now. You simply select a location on your computer and within a few clicks, all the duplicate files are deleted or moved or zipped. It seems like magic but it is not. It is a computer software that is becoming more and more useful for a large number of computer users. Feeling interested? Well, we knew that and this is why we will be discussing, in depth, more about this magical software named- Duplicate Files Deleter.

But, before we proceed, let us know how do this duplicate files get created in your computer. Duplicate or identical files are not a problem unless they are enormous in quantity. Multimedia files like songs, videos and image files are mostly duplicated while transferring data from one source to another. This is the most common way a computer gets identical files. And since, one doesn’t pay much attention to each of the identical files, they tend to accumulate and then, on a later stage, become problematic.

The Duplicate Files Deleter is useful for one and all. One who uses computer, regularly, might encounter issues like duplicating files. So, we tried to sum up all the benefits one can enjoy by using this software.

  1. 1.     SAVING a lot of Disk Space:

Duplicate Files Deleter, as the name says, will delete all the unwanted duplicate files in your computer. Thus, providing more disk space for you, so that, you can carry your digital world with you. Now, you might be wondering what if a duplicate file is in a sub folder or is in a different directory? The Duplicate Files Deleter is a smart software and can detect duplicate files, no matter where they are. It can even look into hidden files and folders and also in removable memory sources like floppies, CDs and USBs.

  1. It Will BOOST Your Computer’s Performance:

Duplicate files are known to reduce any computer’s performance. The computer often tries to fetch the file from the source but when there are multiple sources, the logic fails and issues with performance start occurring. It is when you delete all the duplicate files using the Duplicate Files Deleter, your computer’s performance automatically improves.


  1. 3.     Detect Duplicate Files having DIFFERENT Names:

This looks like next to impossible, but the Duplicate Files Deleter really has got some brains. At instances, where there are identical files having different names but same content, the real efficiency of the software pops out with a bang. With its unique MD5 search engine, the software can even actually look into the contents of the files and detect duplicate files.

This feature can be used to effectively manage your multimedia files. With the Duplicate Files Deleter you can sort and organize your multimedia files and delete identical files. The software can detect duplicate files out of hundreds of thousands of multi files.

  1. 4.     Cost Effective:

The prices start from $18.9. Isn’t it good that one needs to pay mere $18.9 and can easily get rid of all the duplicate files from his computer. The subscription can any time be upgraded so that more and more features of this software are unlocked.

  1. 5.     Data Management:

Downloading various applications and documents leads to storage of same data at different locations on the disk. While updating the file, at times the incorrect file gets updated. This leads to mismanagement of data.  By using the Duplicate files deleter the identical files get deleted and thus reducing the risk of updating the incorrect file.

These were the benefits that one will enjoy by using the Duplicate Files Deleter software. Now, let us discuss some of the features of the same:

  • Ease of Use:

The software is designed in such a way that it is easy to use. The graphical user interface is comfortable and is to the point.

  • Adaptability:

The software is adaptable and can be used for local and network computers.

  • Do more with Duplicate Files:

Unlike other applications, with the Duplicate Files Deleter you can Zip/Move/Delete the duplicate files. Isn’t it a feature worth accounting?


  • Customizable:

You can any time customize Duplicate Files Deleter according to your requirements. You can customize its features and user interface so that it looks and feels like a part of your system.

  • Effective Searching and Filtering options:

This feature makes searching for duplicate files an easy task. You can set several filters and can make sure that you do not end up losing any file while you are deleting duplicate ones.

  • Search by file type:

The software comes with a built in File Types Panel. This enables the users to search files according to the type of file.

  • SmartMark Technology:

This patented technology helps to identify duplicate files, easily.


  • There’s a TRIAL version too:

Yes, there is a trail version of this software which one can download and use, without paying anything. This will help the user to get a hold of the software and also to explore its features.

So folks, this was the Duplicate Files Deleter for you. The above mentioned features and usages are surely sufficient to justify the use of this small yet effective software.



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