File organization with the Duplicate Files Deleter

File organization with the Duplicate Files Deleter

Media files have a tendency of becoming disorganized and over time you forget where you put all your music, what with all the folders and subfolders that you create on your desktop or laptop. Forgetting where you put files makes you download the same file over and over, and this causes duplication. Computer hard drive capacity has increased over the years but that doesn’t mean it is endless and limitless. They also don’t come cheap. A backup drive or a portable hard disk costs more than a hundred dollars. When our computer is brand new we have the impression that our computer has this vast limitless vault that can store hundreds of gigabytes of data. Over the years, as you monitor your disk space, you start noticing that the free space gets smaller and smaller, and you suddenly become concerned. Why do I have this much data? Didn’t I have a 1 terabyte hard disk? You start to panic and you freak out.

No, it isn’t time to panic yet. You still have a savior. Enter the Duplicate Files Deleter. This remarkable software lets you sort through the clutter, organize your file, and free up valuable disk space. The software has an MD5 search engine in its patented SmartMark duplicate files identification technology that allows it to scan and recognize duplicate contents of all files on your computer. File scanning is very fast with its multi-threaded duplicate file classification system. Let’s say you have two songs: Beatles – let it be.mp3 vs. the Beatles – let it be.mp3. They’re basically the same song; they just have different file names. Even if it’s in a file name that is very different from each other, the Duplicate Files Deleter will be able to determine the similarity of the two files. After the Duplicate Files Deleter has finished scanning your computer, the software has a post scan results filtering capability and the succeeding results you can view in a generated report of duplicate files. The interactive and intuitive user interface can be customized and the features can be switched on and off and changed according to preference. The integrated file types panel sorts and classifies duplicate files according to their file types. It includes an integrated image preview panel to have a quick peek into the file and let you decide what’s worth keeping and what is worth deleting. The software has an option to automatically select and delete duplicate files but it is not recommended that you turn on this feature unless you know what you are doing and you are aware that this would happen.

The Duplicate Files Deleter can be downloaded and installed as a trial version that works for 21 days. You can register your software within this timeframe if you decide that the Duplicate Files Deleter is worth keeping as utility software that lets you keep up with the clutter and manage your disk space in the process. The Duplicate Files Deleter works on all windows versions: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and even older versions.

Even though Windows has its own file management system, it’s not THE best file management system. Those not computer savvy have a tendency of getting lost and burdened in all the files they put on their computer. Disk defragmenter can help you free up space but the program is slow and eats up a lot of time. We recommend that you still use it though, and combine it with the duplicate file management system that you have in Duplicate Files Deleter. Windows lets you hide folders and make it invisible but Duplicate Files Deleter catches that. It can capture anomalies too, such as computer viruses making duplicate copies of itself unto system subfolders. It can be the perfect partner for your antivirus software. Sometimes all your antivirus can do it detect the virus but it cannot delete it or catch it before it spreads to another folder. The Duplicate Files Deleter was not designed as a security software, though, so we advised that you don’t use it as such. Our engineers and programmers are working to make the Duplicate Files Deleter an even better product in subsequent versions and other features might be included as it evolves.



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