Features of Duplicate Files Deleter

Features of Duplicate Files Deleter

Duplicate Files Deleter is a simple program to remove identical files from your computer. It performs a deep scan and checks all the disks for duplicate files or folders. It is an advanced program, which is quite able to find duplicate files by verifying name, attribute and date of creation. The program also has potential to verify the internal content of each file to ensure the similarity.

The program features several filters. This makes it impossible to commit mistakes and let the identical file escape from the search results. Nevertheless, you should pay much attention while deleting a file. After a scan, the program displays all the search items in a list for the user to verify before deleting it. Above all, if your computer has two operating systems (Windows and Linux), or more than one administrator, it is quite normal that there are duplicate files. So, you also have to pay attention to these references.

It is very easy to download Duplicate Files Deleter. It is possible to do a clean download and install and the user does not need to worry about malware and other add on such as toolbars. The program allows you to do a custom installation. In this case, you can add or remove features according to your requirements.

After downloading and installing the software on your computer, it is necessary to run it to perform a deep scan. You can opt for a folder by folder scanning option or can use custom scan function. Preferences can be given to the size, and content depending on your requisite.

When the search is complete the software will feature options to automatically mark duplicated files and ignore the originals. In addition to this, you can decide whether you want to delete it permanently or to add the item to the “Rescue” section for further recovery.


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