Eliminate Duplicate Files to Improve Your Computer’s Performance

Eliminate Duplicate Files to Improve Your Computer’s Performance

Duplicate files are a known issue particularly if there is only one computer inside the house. One instance is that you and your brother downloaded the same music file from Youtube. Now, think of this kind of scenario happening ten times in a day. There you go, same files eating up the disk space of your computer.

File maintenance is a tedious task especially if you are doing it manually. Think how hard it is to go through all the folders in your computer just to check if there are any duplicate files. Moreover, it can take up a lot of your time when you are doing the spot check once a week or monthly.


If you find yourself in this kind of situation oftentimes, Duplicate Files Deleter is just the right tool for you. This will let you manage and/or track duplicate files in your computer in just a matter of few minutes.

Speed Things Up by Eliminating Identical Files

You will know the importance of freeing disk space in your computer mainly when you accidentally downloaded or saved the same file on your computer. This will dramatically slows down your computer as they just created a portion on your hard disk drive. Additionally, if this is an application where it starts to run on the background the moment you turn your computer on, you will really feel that huge baggage has been taken out of you once you deleted those identical files.

Keep Your Files in Their Proper Folder

You can do more with Duplicate Files Deleter. Oftentimes, when you are in a hurry to save files or download an eBook, you care less where to save it in your computer. As a result, you may see your media files in your desktop folder instead of putting it in your “My Music Files” folder or your pictures saved just anywhere in My Documents folder. Is it not better to see your files in their proper folder? Of course, your answer is yes.

With Duplicate Files Deleter, you can transfer the files in their appropriate folder while you are deleting the other duplicates – the wonder of multi-tasking! You can do this by using the tools’ feature “Move Files to Folder” and you’re all set.

Make your Files Known and Easy to Search

While you are in the state of organizing your files, Duplicate Files Deleter can also help you in renaming them. When you are downloading files from any source on the internet, it usually gives you bunch of characters for a filename that is not at all related to the file that you need. By using this tool, it gives you the option to have your files known according to its rightful title. Additionally, when you need to search them, it will be an ease if you know the title. With this, it will save you more time to do other tasks later on.

The Power of MD5 Search Feature

It is easier to track the naming of your files if it is your own computer. Otherwise, your brother might have the same file but with a different filename. Now, this is also one scenario why our files our piling without you even knowing it. With Duplicate Files Deleter, it embedded the MD5 Search technology so you can search the files not just its filename but also with its content. This is another great way to maximize your time and the space of your computer.

The Ease of Using the Duplicate Files Deleter

This tool is designed to run on any platform. This means that even if you still have the outdated Windows 98 operating system installed in your computer, you can still use this tool. And by any chance, was it mentioned before that it is free?

Download Duplicate Files Deleter here

You heard it right! Duplicate Files Deleter is a free tool that you can download. It is giving the opportunity to everyone the experience what this tool can do to improve the performance of their computer.

Moreover, it will be easier for you to manage, sort and organize your files if you have a number of computers in your place. Since it is free, you can install them in as many pc as you want and still works the way it should be. You can sit back, relax or do other chores while you are waiting for the scan to finish.  Scanning may take a little longer especially if you did not specify the folders you want to perform the scan or if you have thousands of files saved. Otherwise, you can do this if you only want to focus on deleting the identical files in your Music folder or Pictures folder. By doing this, you do not have to go through all the files displayed all at once on the scanned files. This is not a good one if the scanned search displayed thousands of files.

Why Do You Need It?

It is easier to manage your computer performance with the right and/or appropriate tool. Your operating system may give you its general features like search, creating copies, moving files but you will still feel, oftentimes, that there is something lacking with the feature. You wish there is more to it than that. With Duplicate Files Deleter, it mainly focuses on your need to manage your files – from the very simple organizing to eliminating clutters. Admit it, those duplicate files are considered clutters and it will annoy you once you found out how many identical files you have. Before, you might be so clueless why you are still lacking a huge disk space even after doing disk cleanup. With this tool, it gives you a better perspective of why it is happening and what you can do to solve it.

Are You Still in Doubt to Use Duplicate Files Deleter?

Then, it is time for you to try it. To repeat, this is free software. You can use it without hurting your pocket. And once you do, you will say that you should have known that this kind of tool exists to end your file duplicate issues. You might even end up bragging this powerful software to your friends and families and recommend it to them. Well, the developers really wouldn’t mind it!


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