Duplicate files deletion: Speed up your computer

Duplicate files deletion: Speed up your computer

Is your laptop slow?

Are you frustrated with the speed of your laptop or desktop? Is it taking too long to open documents and files? This may be the reason of your laptop taking too long to boot. There are many reasons for this performance of the laptop. The major reason is that your hard drive may be full of duplicate files. When you use a laptop for many months and years, you fill it with loads of data. This data may be in the form of pictures, files, documents, music or videos. But with time, you may be saving duplicated data in some other locations unknowingly. So now both these files are using your free space and you are using just one of the file at one moment of time. These things can slow down your performance.

Apart from that you will lose precious amount of space and we all know how important storage is these days. Hence there is always a need of software that would boost up your laptop. Disk Defragmentators would take too much time if your hard disk is full of unnecessary data. To take care of these issues, now there is one program that would take care of all the duplicate data that resides in your laptop.

What is the Duplicate Files Deleter?

This software is so effective in deleting the duplicate content that you will simply love it. You can do what it does on your own too. After all, it is just finding out the 2 or more duplicate files. But what would take you days and even weeks to do, this will be able to do in a matter of seconds or at most minutes if the storage size is more. This program is free to download. Isn’t that great? In today’s world where all the software is charging the users a hefty amount, this software comes free to you. And you do not have to worry about the type of operating system that you are using on your machine. This software is compatible with all operating systems like windows 98, windows XP, windows vista etc.

What are the benefits of the duplicate files deleter?

We are listing some of the benefits of this software.

  • The interface is user friendly and very easy to use.
  • The search is performed comprehensively and you get to filter what should be scanned.
  • Multithreaded duplicate file classification available.
  • You can scan files that are residing on the network too.
  • The results can be used for future references too. You can export the files in any format.
  • You can update your software free of cost. Hence all the versions that are released are free for use.
  • You can filter the results after the scan is completed.

How to use this amazing software

You will be surprised to know that this amazing software is very easy to use. You have to download it on your machine and install the setup. The user interface has been kept very interactive so that the users get to know what is happening and is able to select and delete files at his command.

Most of the duplications happen when you have many music files. These files are generally bigger in size compared to other documents and thus take up a huge amount of space. If you have thousands of music files on your machine, which generally people are having these days, then certainly your machine is having many files which will be duplicated. These are the files, which can take up to giga bytes of space in your system, that are making your machine slow and you, irritated.

With this software you would be able to select the location on your system where you it to scan. This way you will save time. If you think a particular location has thousands of files of same format, then you can use this on that folder only.

Then you simply have to start the scan and this software will show you the files which are duplicated. These may be hundreds. The software will tell you in detail the files locations and the amount of space that these are using.

You simply have to select one of the file and delete it; it’s as simple as that! You will be able to clean your laptop in a matter of seconds. So get your free version today.


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