Duplicate Files Deleter Program: The All -In -One Solution

If you are one of Windows users, at one point you might find yourself struggling to optimize the hard drive of your system.  Could you be wondering where the memory capacity of your hard drive goes? Duplicate data, obsolete files, and cache can clog up your hard disk’s space. The hardest data to figure out are the duplicate files and the worse thing is that no direct program on a computer can filter them out. For that matter, you need an extra tool to remove such files. You can download a duplicate files deleter program to help you find and eliminate the files or transfer them to another place for future use.

Its interface is non-complex and so you will have no struggle looking for duplicates. There is an option that allows you to narrow down your searches by categories as dates, size, groups, and file type; making your work easier. Even better, you may pick what folders or drives to scrutinize including Zip archives.

  • Sufficient power at your disposal

This special tool consist of effective qualities to fulfill every need even high-power demand. It can figure out files ranging from inside-zip to duplicate folders; perform advanced filter; and make automated selections.

  • Clean up your music library

Duplicate file deleter can scan every possible music format and detect similar matches by names, artist, or the title. It searches on other tags to tidy up your music collection.

The powerful cleaner has no problem at all in finding photo copycats whether they have been rotated, renamed, or edited. It gives you the authority to glam up your photo gallery. It does this courtesy of an upgraded visual comparison mechanism. Therefore it becomes easier to figure out all similar photos which have been retouched, flipped, saved in different formats, or altered in any way. The comparison technique can be adjusted to different degrees of acuteness. It is such a specially designed photo browser that facilitates image viewing to figure out duplicates aligned side by side for ease of comparison. As you compare, you get to decide what to keep and what to discard. The magical finder also displays photo and camera tags like color details, the date on which photos were taken, and file size. The process is usually quick and your image fingerprints are detected so as to hasten repeated scanning.

Believe it or not, you have a helping hand when removing the unwanted data by simply selecting a folder and eliminate similar files found elsewhere even if they might be edited or resized. Duplicate files deleter has all the power and flexibility that you just need!


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