Duplicate File Deleter – A powerful Tool

Duplicate Files Deleter

We  cannot  realize  how  many  duplicate  files  we  have  after  downloaded  many  files from  the Internet. Sometimes  duplicate  files  are  scattered  over  home  and  companies. Duplicate  files  are usually  waste  and  unnecessary  keeping  them  is  merely  a  waste  of  valuable  hard  disk  space.   Your  hard  drives  may  be  full  of  documents,  music, video  and  many  of  them  are  redundant.

Disadvantages of duplicate files

The  file  is  not  used  on  any  pages  is  called  orphan. It  is  intended  to  scan  a  user’s  computer      for  duplicate  files,  display  a  list  of  such  files  and  let  the  user  delete  unneeded  copies  with  the purpose  of  freeing  up  hard  drive  space.Also  the  duplicate  file   slow  down  the  system  and  reduces  back  up  time and  size.Your  computer  isn’t  fully  optimized  until  you’ve  removed  all unnecessary  clone  files.

Duplicate File Deleter – A powerful Tool

Let  Duplicate  File  Deleter  find  and  remove  the  duplicates! Regain  valuable  disk  space  and improve  data  quality.Duplicate  File  Deleter  is  the  fastest  and  most  accurate  program  of  its  kind. It  will  instantly  scan  your computer  for  duplicate  files  and  display  them  in  an  easy  to  understand report.The  primary  source  identical  files  are  music, video, images  and  photos.Within  a  thousand  of music  files(mp3 files),  we  can  easily  sort  by  deleting  identical tracks.

Why is finding duplicate files useful ?

Fast  byte-to-byte   comparison  gives  you  the  most  accurate  results  and  duplicate  file  deleter searches  duplicate  file  contents  regardless  of  filename. The  MD5  search  engine  in  the  Duplicate files  Deleter  allows  the  program  to  search  for  duplicate  files  by  content  regardless  other  match criteria.


  • Reducing the time and media used for backups
  • Minimize time used to unneeded virus scanning
  • Increase free space on “limited” resources, like laptops and memory disks
  • Reduce files searching time
  • Intuitive and attractive user interface
  • Comprehensive search and result filtering features
  • Powerful multi-threaded duplicate file classification engine(MD5)
  • Multiple paths can be searched in a single pass
  • Network enabled – scans both local and network file systems
  • Project-based – load and save entire projects with ease
  • Integrated command line support for batching, scheduling
  • Duplicate file management – safer moving, zipping, & deleting of duplicate files
  • Integrated image preview panel for quick visual comparisons


Reasons   for  deleting  Duplicate  files

The  following  are  the  reasons  for  deleting  duplicate  files.

  • Freeing  the  disk  space
  • Removing  duplicate  or  unnecessary  data  to  avoid  confusion
  • Making  sensitive  information  unavailable  to  others

Why  you  need  the  Duplicate  Files  Deleter

The  program’s  interface  is  simple  and  extremely  easy  to  use. Users  simply  select  the  folders  they want  to  search  in,  set  the  matching  criteria  and  file  types, and  click  the  Scan  button. The  program  displays  a  list  of  duplicate  files,  allowing  users  to  select  and  delete  those  that  are  not  needed.

The  next  step  involves  you  waiting  and  watching  as  the  Duplicate  Files  Deleter  gets  to work  scanning  your  folders  for  duplicate  files. Be  a  little  patient  as  this  may  take  a  while. At  the end  of  this  stage  you  will  have  the  whole  list  of  original  and  duplicate  files  right  in  front  of you.  You  will  be  shown  the  file,  the  size  and  the  modification  dates  of  the  original  files  and  the  duplicates. You  have  to  go  through  the  list  a  little  carefully,  as  the  original  and  duplicate  files  are  displayed  one  after  another.

Software Availability

This  is  free software  that  can  be  downloaded  on  to  your  computer,  irrespective  of  the  operating system  you  use. In  other  words  you  can  download  the  Duplicate  Files  Deleter  on  a  Windows  XP,  Vista,  Seven  and  even  98  version  and  it  will  perform  just  as  fine.

Dealing with Duplicates

As  the  Duplicate  File  Deleter  gives  you  the  option  of  automatic  deletion  of  all  the  duplicate  files  it  is  not  recommend  to  carry  this  out.You  can  use  an  USB  device  or  other  flexibility  option  to  store  the  data. In  fact,  we  had  run  a  similar  program  before  testing   Duplicate FileDeleter  that  had  already  deleted  the  vast  majority  of  our  duplicate  files, but  this  program found  a  few  more.

We  recommend  this  program  to  all  users; even  those  with  limited  system  maintenance  experience will  find  it  easy  to  use.


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