Don’t get frustrated over slow laptops, get the duplicate files deleter today

Don’t get frustrated over slow laptops, get the duplicate files deleter today

Why is my computer so slow even with a good configuration?

This is a normal case with everybody nowadays. The laptops and desktops have very good and high configuration but sill after a few months, you do not get the kind performance that you expect from your machine. This can be quiet frustrating when you have to perform critical work like official reports, making presentations, playing games etc. After some time, you simply sit in front of the screen and watch your laptop as it tries to open the documents. This is simply because of the files that have been placed in your hard disk at random places and are duplicates of other files located at different locations.

Why are there so many duplicate files on my laptop?

When you buy a new laptop and start using it, you save a lot of content on the hard disks. These contents may be in form of media files or documents. But as you keep increasing the use of the machine, the number of files stored on the hard disk increases. These files can be in the form of .jpg. .wmv, .mp3, .avi, .doc etc. Though the documents and files do not take a huge space, the other media files like music, videos and movies can consume a hell lot of space of the hard disk. You will be surprised to know the amount of space used up by these files. And imagine when there are hundreds of files that are placed in multiple locations and you know about just one of the place. You keep using that particular file and the duplicate partner keeps residing on the other place. Hence double space is being consumed. You must know that these days, extra storage comes in at a high cost. Hence you should try keeping your present hard disk optimum and keep all the duplicate files at bay when there is no use for them.

How can I get rid of all these redundant files?

This is what we are here for. You will love the proposal that we have for you. We are introducing a revolutionary software called the Duplicate file delete. This software can scan a huge amount of space in your hard disk and fetch all the files that are having a duplicate brother in some other folder. You will be able to simply select them and delete them permanently or store them somewhere else as per your requirement.

This software is simply great because of the ease of use. You may have to run it a few times to get the jist of what this is all about, but the kind of work that this software does is simply amazing. You can select a particular portion of your hard disk; it may be very huge or very small, and this size will really not matter. In a matter if minutes, depending on the size, the software will scan through all the files in that portion and take out all the duplicate files that are residing there.

This software is so comprehensive that you will be provided with a thorough result of the search. The software will tell you how many files have redundant duplicate and how much space is being wasted because of it. You simply have to click a duplicate file, select multiple of them from the result list and click delete. That is it! You will have saved giga bytes of space from your hard disk.

What are the other benefits of this amazing software?

This software is very hand and we would be happy to list some of its most important feature:

  • You can search any particular folder. It may not have to be a drive. Hence you can customize the search criteria.
  • This software is available for free. Yes, you heard it correct. This software is free for you and thus you do not have to pay any dime for it.
  • It is available for all versions of operating systems. Hence you do not have to worry about anything in this case, especially issues of compatibility.
  • This software is able to search any format available.

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