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As we promised, you will always find new reviews and tutorials in our blog, I welcome all of you again to a new software in our library. Today we are going to talk about a special powerful tool that will help us save huge amounts of disk space especially if you are a professional DJ or music composer. Our impressive application is called Duplicate files Deleter. simply go and visit and click the download button to get yourself a trial copy of this wonderful application. What is the idea of this tool? Duplicatefilesdeleter works like charm by searching duplicated files and give you the managing options to delete/move/archive them in completely safe environment. Imagine how would be your antivirus scanner after using Duplicate files Deleter and how fast and reliable would be your system if you are indexing your partitions or using Windows Disk Defragment Tool. This software do not use the classic search filename characters algorithm but uses the programming content of the file itself such that whatever the filename is, it will find duplicates and delete them efficiently. You have a bulky hard disk with lot of music files need to be organized? Am pretty sure you have duplicates. Erase duplicate files smoothly with Duplicate Files Deleter.  I bet you will never find so rich featured application like Duplicate Files Deleter. Don’t forget to visit our support page on the website, simply go to through your favourite brower. In order toDelete duplicate files open your application after it fully downloads and use the simple UI window. Duplicate files deleter do not work without Microsoft’s .NET Frameworks installed (4.0) you can simply get it from this link in Microsoft’s dowloads website and also you have to make sure the .NET Framework option is enabled in your control panel:

Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows features on or off -> Check the box next to Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0( 4.0 )

The archived application file is a zipped folder with only 180 Kbytes of size. Simply unrar it using Winrar or any other unarchiving program found in many many places over the internet. What we mentioned above about the prerequisities of this application is found in the Readme file in the .zip folder. Right-Click the application .exe file and choose from the menu ..> Run as Administrator. As the application window opens, you will find the Files menu which has some Options. just Click Files..> Options and in the Dialogue box you will find search options and you will find that MD5 Checksum + File size is selected by default. That’s why it is not necessary to find duplicates using filename. You can select some options such as Skip Recycle Bin search or for musicians you can select search duplicates using music files tags ( Album, Artwork, Artist, Song Title, …) and many easy to go options that fit enough with almost every user regarding their experience.

I recommend you check the option of searching Hidden files to remove duplicates from hidden folders.  Many users ask about what MD5 checksum mean?

MD5 Checksum is a programming coded tool used to identify and verify data contents. For example, If you need to verify if your Windows copy is original you can use MD5 checksum tools to verify its contents and compares it with the parameters of the original DVD. In the same way, Duplicatefilesdeleter also uses this algorithm to compare files and finds duplicates. For a quick introduction guide to the application, you can click Watch Video Guide on the top righr corner of the application main window.  first step, to browe folders needed to be scanned. Then use program filters such as, Ignoring certain files with certain sizes. Finally, starting the scan by simply clicking the Scan button and using the program oders to manage the scan results. you can Auto Select, Rename, Delete duplicates or move them to specified locations. For full functionality of the program, you are advised to purchase a full copy to get benefited from all features and options in the program. You can choose files masks before scanning, all media files together have a common file mask, with simple click you can scan duplicates in your media files only if your directory or folder contains more than media file types. Also you can turn it to classic search engine by deselecting all options and just selecting Filename option. Duplicates are very frustrating issue in our systems. but not anymore with Duplcates Files deleter, with just couple of clicks you could discover tons of annoying duplicates in your machine that could save you capacity for all your real stuff. The application is not just limited to single path every time you run a scan, but simultaneous paths can be chosen at the same time. That’s all for now, Guys and wait me for future tutorials.


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