Delete Duplicate Files With DuplicateFilesDeleter

Delete Duplicate Files With DuplicateFilesDeleter

Before going into the details of how you can be able to delete duplicate files from your computer, it would be better that you be careful first. It would be a good think to let your software to do the necessary designs on its own. For instance, the software will determine whether the files are real duplicates or not. It will also establish whether there is any good reason for that file to be so duplicated and finally, if that file is wrongly duplicated, it will find out the suitable folder where that file should be located.

In fact, before venturing into an automated option, you need to consider what best option for you. It is recommended that you allow your DuplicateFilesDeleter to ignore files that are smaller than 20MB. In doing this way, you will remain with very few files to work upon while fleeing up lots of space.

DuplicateFilesDeleter has got also a provision of automatically selecting and deleting files; and to do this you need to use an automatic selection tool on this software. The following are easy steps to guide you on how to do just that using this DuplicateFilesDeleter

First, ensure you get only the real duplicate files. On the search Criteria tab, ensure to check on both the Same File Name and Same Content.

You also need to ensure that “don’t scan the system files or folders” has been checked. Sure, it would also be possible for you to actually click the scan location tab and clearly be able to tell the program to look only in the folders where your photos, document etc are kept. Then after getting ready, you need to click the ‘Scan Now’ button. After scanning finished you can use “Auto select” feature to auto select all duplicate files and delete them with one click.


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