Delete Duplicate Files More Easily

Delete Duplicate Files More Easily 

To find and delete disgusting duplicate files from the system, Duplicate Files Deleter can certainly be the catch for you. However, the software come up with three options to choose. You can take up any one according to your requirement. Duplicate Files Deleter comes up with Home License, Business License and Business pro license. For personal and non-business usage, it is better to use the home license. Furthermore, if you require to use this software for commercial purpose, the business license should be taken. For dealing up with heavy duty pro-grade workload, the commercial usage option may be taken. All of those come up with different options for the users. Let us look at the features of these offers.

The home license has been featured with easy duplicate file scanning as well as deletion. In addition to that, scanning files filters are available. The user will be able to access the log files while using the home license. Furthermore, this particular option will come up with 24/7 Email support. It will come up at a cost of $24.70. The user needs to make the payment once. After that, the users can enjoy the benefits of this offers for a lifetime.

As now the features of home license have been mentioned, the user should know about the business license. Only after taking a look at the features, the users will be able to choose the perfect one according to their requirements. However, the business license has been featured with commercial grade heavy duty usage. While using this option, the user will be able to perform the scanning and deletion of the duplicate files more easily. In addition to that, the scanning file filters as well as log files are available to the users. Moreover, this particular feature has been optimized for finding out the duplicate music files. If the user is looking for finding out the duplicate music files on their system, this particular package should be the choice. It can perform the scan efficiently be considering all available music formats separately, such as MP3, OGG, WMA, M4A, M4P,  FLAC, AAC, etc. More importantly, users will be able to access the online chat support after purchasing this option. It comes up with a price tag of $47.00. The user has to pay the price once and the package will be opened for lifetime usage.

If the users want to drain every inch of performance of this particular software, they should try the business pro license. It comes up at a price of $77 and the users have to pay the price once. This handy package comes up with all the features of business license. In addition to these, the users will be able to find duplicate inside the archive. It also is capable of finding as well as deleting duplicate files from the Google Drive & Dropbox. Furthermore, the users will get a premium phone along with online chat support. As now all of the features of all packages are discussed, the users can choose the best one suiting their requirements.

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