Cleaning up your computer with files duplicate finder

Cleaning up your computer with files duplicate finder

Duplicate files are unnecessary files that are cluttering your network and slowing the performance of your computer without you even realising it. Well not anymore with the files duplicate finder. The files duplicate finder lives up to its name and find all the duplicate files in your network, easily, quickly and accurately. The files duplicate finder is software that scans your computer hard drive for all the duplicates that have been created of files downloaded from the internet, especially the songs and the videos.

How duplicates are created

Most of us move our entire files from one location to another and forget to delete the previous location. As a result we end up having duplicates of many files and folders in many locations. As a result we not only end up clogging precious space which can be used for storage of more important data, the presence of duplicate files also leads to a lot of confusion. For instance, if we make some change in one copy of the file and store it in one location, we may end up making the same an additional changes to a similar copy we may stumble upon later in another location. With the files duplicate finder you can get rid of the problem of duplicate files once and for all.

The files duplicate finder helps you locate identify and delete these duplicate files as you want and clean up your disk space. The files duplicate finder is perhaps the best software that suits this task. It is fast, intuitive and quite simple in use. It can be used by even a novice. All you have to do is download this software from the internet. Once downloaded, you can use this application by selecting the function of drag and drop of the files you want to be scanned for duplicates.

Modus operandi of files duplicate finder

The files duplicate finder also gives you the option of changing the settings of this program to search only a certain kind of files or size of files. For instance you could only search the image files. Once you have set the search options to the parameters that you would like searched, you hit the start button. It’s then the job of the files duplicate finder to identify and categorise your duplicate files. The speed with which the files duplicate finder works is also remarkable. It can scan 15,000 files in only a minute.

After the scan gets completed, this software gives you the complete list of duplicates along with the originals. If you have a lot of duplicate files, you can select a lot of combinations in order to handle all of these files at one time. The files duplicate finder gives you the option of doing this all in a click. You can choose to select the oldest or the newest and mark them as duplicates. Once you have made your selection you can ask the files duplicate finder to remove the unwanted files and be rest assured that your computer is as good as new again!


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