Brief about Duplicate Files Deleter Deals

Brief about Duplicate Files Deleter Deals

No Deal Better than Duplicate Files Deleter Deal

You will never get a better deal than the package Duplicate Files Deleter is offering. It is featuring three exciting packages for deleting duplicate files from the system. To recover terabytes of spaces and speed up your PCs in seconds, Duplicate Files Deleter has already demonstrated its efficacy. Now, you can easily find and delete the duplicate file from your system in seconds using Duplicate Files Deleter. All of the three deals of Duplicate Files Deleter have powerful features, which can help you remove duplicate documents, MP3s, videos, emails, photos etc. Providing amazingly fast results and smooth operations, Duplicate Files Deleter has already grabbed the attention of thousands to deal with their duplicate file issue. Make your purchase today to experience a cleaner and faster working and gaming experience.

Home License to Use Personally

While selecting your deal, you should consider your budget and requirement. If you do not want to spend much for this particular software, try the free version to check whether this tool worth the money. We can guarantee that after using the demo or a free trial version, you cannot resist yourself from making the purchase. However, to deal with the requirements of low end users, Home license is sufficient. It will cost $24 and you just need to make the payment once. However, this particular deal will allow the users to scan duplicate files. In addition, it also can scan file filters. Moreover, it is featuring log files as well as email support.

Business License for High End Users

If you are employing this tool for detecting millions of duplicate files or contents in seconds, try applying the business edition. It will require you to pay one-time $47. However, we can guarantee that the product is worth the money. In addition to scan duplicate files, it can find out duplicate music files from your system. In addition, you will be able to select which music format you will be exploring. For instance, if you need to find out duplicate music with FLAC format, you need to choose FLAC only while scanning the duplicate files. It will lessen the time needed for searching and will ultimately save you time.

Highly Advanced Features with Business PRO

Nevertheless, if you are a high-end user looking for advanced features of Duplicate Files Deleter, you must hold to choose the Business PRO License. It will cost a one-time $77. Along with the features of Home License and Business License, it is featuring duplicate file search within archives. In addition, the business pro license will allow the user to find and delete duplicate files from Drive and Dropbox. 24/7 online chats and premium phone support is available for Business PRO users.


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