About The Customer Supports Of Duplicate Files Deleter

About The Customer Supports Of Duplicate Files Deleter

Being physically situated on Great America Parkway in Santa Clara, CA, the developers of Duplicate Files Deleter offers excellent supports for their customers. In case of having any question regarding anything, you may contact the developers at Support@KrojamSoft.com. However, there are multiple ways in which the software communicates with the users. You can communicate by mail using the physical address which is located on the official website. In addition, the user may mail the developers in case of having any query. Additionally, a segment is available with the frequently asked questions. Furthermore, 24/7 online chat support is available for the users of pro-version. Here this article is about a brief of the customer support. Customer support page provides a variety of ways to interact and know about the software. The categories are based on different requirements. Mentioned below are the ways the developers of Duplicate Files Deleter provide support:

1) Video Guide: The link associated with the title “Please watch the Video guide how to use duplicate files Deleter” takes you to the home page of the website, which has a video attached on top. This video gives you complete guidelines on software mapping from downloading, installing and scanning your files. The video makes it easy to understand the software well.

2) Frequently asked questions (FAQ) & Contacting: An FAQ is a place to answer questions that many users repeatedly ask or think of. One can go through the page and check for the FAQ asked by the users. Anything you need to know, you just have to reach the FAQ section. If you need to know anything more, try using the e-mail address. In case of any query you need to perform in physical approach, try sending a mail at their physical address. In addition to all of those, a 24/7 customer support is available for the users. However, for using this particular feature the user must have to be a user of the pro-version. If you are a free version user, it may seem that the communication is a bit slower as there is no phone number attached at the official website. Despite you will find out that the email customer service is super-fast. You will be delivered a reply in minutes. If you need to talk and require a phone number of the developers, you can ask for it in the e-mail and it will be sent to the user.

3) Technical Support:  This section has a mail address attached in case if you need any support or help with the software. You can drop a mail with your problem description and the executives will get back to you soon.

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