A program that works for users with limited resources – Duplicate Files Deleter

A program that works for users with limited resources – Duplicate Files Deleter

Duplicate Files Deleter helps users to maintain clean systems without unnecessary files and folders. The simple program works by deleting redundant files. It is an apt program for saving hard disk space. The tool allows its users to add filters and paths, by which personalized files can be deleted. Duplicate Files Deleter can be used for permanent deletion or temporary movements. The application tool encompasses of the following features:

  1. Duplicate files can be moved across directories
  2. The program can be used to compare two files or folders
  3. Files can be chosen in accordance with its path, size and filename
  4. The simple interface is ideal for novice users. Nevertheless, Duplicate Files Deleter offers advanced settings for professional users.

Effective Deletion of Redundant files

As suggested by its name, Duplicate Files Deleter was developed to serve a sturdy purpose. The application is ought to delete redundant files in an effective manner, without handling any false positives! In today’s modernized world data is crucial, while disk space has its own significance. The marketplace is filled with hard disks at diverse rates. Thus, saving space for duplicate data is an “act of throwing money” over extra hard disks. Duplicate Files Deleter is a free program, which promises to save those extra bucks!

Amazing options

Duplicate Files Deleter tool offers its users with a hodgepodge of amazing options. Each option refines searching and helps effective removal of duplicate files. The program makes use of byte-to-byte comparison. This makes the tool reliable. Meanwhile, the program is updated in a regular order. It comes with guiding wizards and special panels. Each makes the chore of removing duplicate files easy and straightforward.

Duplicate Files Deleter is a must have tool! The program works great for people with limited resources. It does not suffer false positives and is totally free!


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