6 Ways To Speed Up Your PC

Your PC slowing down is a common occurrence and shouldn’t scare you. Whether your PC has gradually become slower or it suddenly halts, there are various reasons to justify the reaction. One of the quickest options that could help solve some issues is rebooting. It is faster and helps fix a few issues and could make your PC become faster.

How to speed up your PC

1.Find programs that are using a large amount of memory

When your PC  runs slowly, it means that something is using up the resources. Sometimes, it could be some applications have a memory leak which makes them use a more substantial amount of memory ad they end up making your computer to swap to disk.

Alternatively, it could be that the application is using the disk a lot which makes other applications slower when loading data from the disk.

Find out if applications are using too much memory by opening the Task Manager. On your taskbar, right-click and select ‘Task Manager’ and press Ctrl+Shift+Escape to open it. The latest Windows 8,8.1, and 10 provide a new Task Manager interface that color-codes applications that are using a lot of resources.

Click on ‘CPU,’ ‘Memory,’ and ‘Disk’ headers to sort the list of applications that are using the most resources. The results will help you close the applications using too much memory. You can also select ‘End Task’ to close the application.

2.Close Unnecessary System Tray Programs

Most often, applications tend to run in the notification area. During startup, these applications often launch and stay running in the background though they remain hidden in the up-arrow icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

To close the programs, click the up-arrow icon and right-click any application you don’t need to run in the background and close them to free up resources. Other times, you may experience your windows 10 always freezing and probably think the system tray programs are the issue. However, there is an option of downgrading to a previous version and so much more. This should make your computer perform faster.

3.Run a hard drive check

Sometimes, a hard drive on the verge of its lifespan ending is a common issue. Usually, after two to three years of using the hard drive, there’s a high chance that the hard drive will fail.

There’s an option of buying solid state drives (SSDs) as they usually have a lifespan of 8-10 years. And, they are ten times faster than the usual hard drive. They are however more expensive than a hard drive.

To run a hard drive check, go to Computer and right-click on Drive, then to Properties then Tools then Check Now. After that, you can Scan for and attempt recovery of the bad sectors. This will prevent your PC from accessing any bad areas of the hard drive.

4.Free up your hard drive

When your hard drive is full, even at 95 percent full, your computer will tend to get slower because there is no space to save temporary files that are usually required for operating programs. This makes your operating system not run well because programs already take the space.

To check the position of your hard drive, got to Computer> Right Click on the primary hard drive ‘C’ and go to Properties.

To fix this, you can optimize space by moving files to cloud storage. You can also deep clean your computer to remove unnecessary files.

5.Delete Duplicate Files

Sometimes, your PC may take too long to open files or games. It can be quite frustrating especially if you find out that your hard drive is full.

Duplicate files are a common occurrence and can cause your PC to be disturbingly slower. It can be quite challenging to search and find all duplicate files. However, there is software for removing all unwanted duplicate files. The Duplicate Files Deleter 5.8.5 scans and auto selects the duplicate files to be removed.

6.Reduce Animations

If you are a Windows user, then you know that it uses animations which could sometimes make your computer slower. For better performance, you can disable animations.

To disable, press the Windows Key + X you can also Right Click the Start button and click ‘System.’ On the left, click ‘Advanced System Settings’ and click ‘Settings’ under Performance. Choose ‘Adjust for best performance’ under Visual Effects and disable all animations. Alternatively, you can click ‘Custom’ to disable all individual animations you don’t want to see.

This helps make your PC faster, and you can forget about having to wait for it to load forever.

For people who use their PCs for business or for important stuff that needs quick loading time, you have to fix such issues for better performance. The above points should get you started in diagnosing the PC problems.

How to find find duplicate documents?

How to find find duplicate documents?

Duplicate files deleter is a marvelous solution schemed to find duplicate documents and delete them from the system. If it has to be done by manual searching, it will take days to complete. Here comes the importance of this highly powerful and versatile solution. This powerful software is capable of searching through every inch of your system drive, hard drive and clouds. Whatever the location is, this software is highly capable of performing the search and generating a 100% accurate search result, so that you can modify the duplicate files easily. Here, we are going to discuss about the 30-days money back guarantee of duplicate files deleter.

how to find duplicate documents

In addition to a lot of exciting features, the duplicate files deleter also comes up with a 30-days money back guarantee. We used to listen to this type of sales speeches, which never have seen the daylight. However, the developers of the duplicate files deleter literally means it and they will return the money back in case if you are not satisfied. However, we do believe there is no chance of being unsatisfied while using this particular tool. Every paid package has been incorporated in such beautiful manner that you would love to work with this outstanding tool.

This great tool has three paid packages and all of those packages will come up with 30-days money back guarantee. The home license being the most basic one will deliver preliminary scanning and modifications of the folders and files. It also comes up with the scanning files filter and log files of the scan result. The log files will contain the file path name too, so that the files could not get lost. Overall, this smart and neat package is perfect for personal use. Might have you been in need of a solution for your company or organization, you should consider the business licenses even if it costs a lot more.

In addition to basic scanning and deletion of the files, the business license will come up with true duplicate music finder. The business pro license will come up with the capability to search within the archives. Additionally, it allows the users to find as well as remove the identical folders from the cloud like Google Drive and Drop Box. It also comes up with excellent technical support. Overall, the pricing obviously matches the functionality and we do believe that after making the purchase, this tool would never give a second thought about the purchasing. Definitely, there are very few chances of being unsatisfied. However, if it somehow is of no use to you, you will receive your money back within 30-days of purchase.

Why May You Need The Business License Of Duplicate Files Deleter?

For several reasons, duplicate files might have been originated. In truth, it could have been occurring either due to software bugs or by mistake, you could have copied or downloaded a file twice. Creating music and video playlists could have copied the files into the system folder as well. Whatever the reason is, you will need a business license to get rid of duplicate files from your system. It could also help to delete duplicate photos on windows 7 more efficiently. Although, there is a home license available for a cheaper price, yet, it will not deliver the true duplicate music finder. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss about several aspects of the business license of duplicate files deleter. In addition, we will evaluate why you might require the business license of the duplicate files deleter.

elete duplicate photos on windows 7

Let us think that you are organizing all of the files of a company or an organization. In such cases, you might have to find out duplicates among millions of files. There is no way you could have found out the duplicates manually and the duplicate files will take important system spaces. In such circumstances, you might require a business license of the duplicate files deleter. However, the scanning of the duplicate files deleter is as same as the home license. Yet, the user might experience slightly better result than home license. In addition, scanning files filters will be available that would be pretty helpful to find out any specific type of duplicate files.

Furthermore, the email support for business license owners are excellent. In addition, the business license owners will experience a pretty decent standard phone support. More amazingly, they will be able to get in touch with the technical team anytime they want to use the online chat support. The online chat support is accessible through the official website of duplicate files deleter.

The pricing of this outstanding tool is another important aspect you should consider. It will cost only $47 and you have to make the payment once. Additional duplicate photo finding and automatic selection of the duplicates could have been added into the package for extra price. All in all, this package is a pretty handsome one in terms of affordability and functionality. It performs the byte by byte comparison using the SHA-1 algorithm that ensures a 100% accurate result. In addition, the smart user interface has been made available to the users in such way that even a school going child could have used this splendid tool.

How to find and delete duplicate files on Windows 10

How to find and delete duplicate files on Windows 10: being a superb solution looking at the key features of Duplicate Files Deleter

Generally, people don’t remember that they have a file somewhere, or end up having many folders with many identical files. Manually tracking down duplicates is hardly practical. Duplicate File finder makes it possible to trigger duplicate file, finding search within a matter of seconds. The user can narrow down their search by filtering the nature of the file, date, size and more. In addition to this, the software makes it possible to specify folders and scan hard drives for duplicates.

Below are the list of features that “Duplicate file Deleter” software provides:

  • Powerful search engines delivering byte to byte comparison.
  • Restoring your system stability.
  • Helping in filtering the junk files and getting rid of them.
  • Improving the computer’s performance.
  • Protecting your privacy
  • Finding the files having same contents, name and zero size.
  • Finding duplicate pictures, videos as well as songs.
  • Scanning the hard drive for duplicates.
  • Delivering faster, accurate and time saving performance
  • Searching local PC and over network.
  • Increasing free space on the “limited” resources, such as laptops and memory disks
  • Providing a user Friendly Interface.
  • Exporting duplicate file search results in several file formats.
  • Excluding files to be scanned by mask
  • File size filters
  • Providing Music tags comparison
  • Comes up with system and hidden files support
  • Featured with Post-scan results filtering options
  • Multithreading support
  • Delivered with the wizard and assistant for super-easy duplicate file management
  • Protecting your system files and folders from accidental deletion

Let us look how we can delete duplicate files on Windows 10. Let us begin with the downloading. From the scratches, here, we will show how to install and utilize this supreme solution.

how to find duplicate files in windows 10

After downloading the software, you need to click at the button “Add folder”. After that, locate the folder that has to be scanned. After selecting the folder, hit the scan button. It will take only a few seconds to perform the scan. After performing the scan, you will be shown the result page. At the result page, you will find duplicate files and their locations. From the filtered search result, you will be able to delete, remove or rename the duplicate folders as well as files. This particular feature is applicable for the music files and images as well. You cannot really imagine how much space is occupied by the duplicate folder before giving this software a try. After giving it a try, you will be able to find out its significance. It has three versions available. Choose one among these three that suits better to your needs.


How to find and delete identical files using Duplicate files deleter?

How to find and delete identical files using Duplicate files deleter?

How to delete duplicate files and folders from a computer is a complex issue for many people. One of the practical ways to improve the functioning of your system is to delete all the duplicate files that are saved on the hard drive. But deleting files one by one manually is not at all practical as it takes enormous amount of time. There could be several hidden documents that are very difficult to find and delete, especially, for new computer users. Above all, we all are living in a technology driven world and this kind of problem can quickly be resolved using simple software solutions.

While talking about removing duplicate files from your computer, you cannot forget the name Duplicate Files Deleter. The program is designed to find identical files quickly and securely. It will just take a couple of minutes to find and remove such files from your system. Since the program is very secure, you do not need to bother about the errors. The file finder has a window, which displays all the files that are found on search and marked as duplicate. This helps the user to decide whether it is a duplicate file or not. Another advantage of using this program is that it will help you save more space on the hard disk.

One of the main highlights of this software is its ability to use filters. This will come in handy, especially for those people who like to know what exactly what is going on with the computer. The Duplicate File Deleter allows you to search specific files and thus facilitates further cleaning process. That is, it enables the user to search for photos, music and text documents separately.

how to find duplicate files in windows 10

It´s worth remember that the program will not delete any file from your computer without your permission. However, it is advised that you create a system restore point before deleting a file.


How to Find & Delete Duplicate Files on Windows 7

How to Find & Delete Duplicate Files on Windows 7: Using Duplicate Files Deleter as an Ultimate Solution for Getting Rid Of Duplicate Files


Duplicate Files Deleter is an amazing software that delivers the removal, renaming, relocating or replacing of duplicate files. It has been featured with the capability to delete duplicate different types of files such as music, video and images, etc. It is not possible to manually track down each and every file for finding out the duplicate files on the system. That is where Duplicate Files Deleter will prove itself worthy. Furthermore, if you are still wondering “How to find and delete duplicate files on Windows 7”, we will guide you to find as well as delete the duplicate files on windows 7.

You can either use the free version or get benefitted by the paid versions for further smoother experience. It can be downloaded onto your computer, irrespective of the operating system you use. In other words, you can download the Duplicate Files Deleter on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows X and even 98 versions. It performs the same on every platform and it uses very limited resource of your system.

Once you have downloaded the software “Duplicate Files Deleter” and installed it, these are simple steps to follow in order to delete duplicate folders.

  • Click on the button “Browse”, then locate the desired folder. You may enter the entire volume at once that need to be scanned.
  • Click on the icon represented by an arrow to send the selected folder to scan list.
  • Use the search filters or to set parameters of the search. You can filter song files or photos or search for files in general. After setting the parameters properly, click on the button “scan” to start the process.
  • Wait for the scan to be completed, and the interface will have the list of all the original and duplicate files in the interface with size and modification dates. Duplicate and original files are displayed one after another.
  • Delete files according to your requirement. It is possible to auto delete of all the duplicate files. It is also possible to select a location to store the data, it can be stored both in internal and external memory device i.e. HDD or USB.

How to Find & Delete Duplicate Files on Windows 7

This tool is pretty fast and really simple to use. It does a good job of finding file duplicates, and had enough functionality to serve its purpose. The Duplicate Files Deleter is extremely effective software that will not only free up your precious storage space, but will also give a boost to the performance of your Windows 7 PC. So, go ahead and Download It!


Recent Version of Duplicate Files Deleter

A Brief Story about Recent Version of Duplicate Files Deleter: Version 5.8.5 Being Completely Flawless and Highly Competent

From time to time, Duplicate Files Deleter tries in the best possible ways to provide the ultimate experience for the users. That is why, on a continuous basis, the top-notch developers of Duplicate Files Deleter always make sure that the software remains up-to-date and flawless. In order to keep the software continuously up-to-date, the developers delivered several editions. Duplicate Files Deleter regularly keeps itself updating to fix issues, bugs, improve speed, program appearance, improve support for the removable disk drives and CD, fix appeared bugs, develop stability & reliability, optimize memory usage, improve search algorithm, add a new language and improve installer etc. In addition to all of those mentioned above, it continuously makes functionality improvement. Here is a brief about the features of the current version.

The current version of Duplicate Files Deleter has been delivered with an improved algorithm for the search result. In addition, in terms of stability and reliability, this version is one of the best amongst similar type of software available. It comes up with an excellent user interface that delivers all of the key features and buttons closest to your mouse pointer. This Duplicate file Deleter has come up with the memory leak fixation and other developed installer.

tool to find and delete duplicate files

The version is completely supported by almost all of the Windows versions, including Windows 8 and Windows 10. It also comes up with the advanced search that allows the user to look for duplicates by using more precise filters. This current version 5.8.5 is available in three different offers for paid users. It has come up with pro and free options.

Here is the highlight of the Duplicate Files Deleter 5.8.5. It can scan very swiftly through all the files of the systems. While using this completely flawless version of Duplicate Files Deleter, the user will be able to copy, rename, delete or move duplicate files effortlessly. Auto-detection of the duplicate files is available and the search result is 100% accurate derived from the comparison of every byte of data on your hard drive. For finding out the true duplicate images, it uses special algorithms for checking JPEG, BMP, JPG, TIFF, PNG and other image formats as well. It can also compare the music tags. The support is available for the system as well as hidden files. In addition, multi-threading support will be provided to the users. Overall, this version has been developed in such manner so that it can find and delete all the duplicate files flawlessly & swiftly.

How to find and delete duplicate files on windows 10 pc

How to find and delete duplicate files on windows 10?


Have you been looking for an answer to how to find and delete duplicate files on windows 10, duplicate files deleter may be the catch. Duplicate files deleter has been designed in such way that it could have found and deleted the duplicate files with ultimate precision and efficacy. In addition, duplicate files deleter will come up with three different packages named home license, business license and business pro license. It has also come up with a free trial version and it has been designed only to taste the flavor. It would have been ended after 21 days and it lacks a few important features as well. Here, we will discuss about the home license of the duplicate files deleter.

The home license has been targeted towards the personal and non-business users. It would cost $24.70 and you have to make the payment once. If you are not going to use this particular software for commercial purpose, the home license should have been sufficient. It comes with pretty handy features. However, it lacks a few features as well, which you would not require unless you are going to use it for commercial purpose. If you are going to add duplicates auto selection functionality, it will cost additional $9.70. Adding the finding of duplicate photos functionality will cost additional $9.70.

As it comes up with a SHA-1 algorithm, it delivers 100% accurate byte by byte comparison of each and every files and folders. It has been serving the file management industry for a decade and we have not yet heard of any bugs linked to it. By the way, the home license delivers 100% accurate duplicate file scanning. In addition, the scanned result has been presented in such way that the modification could have been done with extreme ease. Furthermore, the user could have been able to save the scanned result as a text file and the text file will contain the file path name. In this way, the user will never have to scan again for the same folder and the path name will be saved so that it could have been modified easily.

How to find and delete duplicate files on windows 10 pc

Moreover, the home license comes up with outstanding technical support as well. It has been provided with an excellent email support. We have observed and analyzed email support of lots of software and web toolkits. Every now then, we have found lack of commitment and late response from several providers. However, we have not yet found it in duplicate files deleter. It has always responded to the emails clarifying every detail and the response was real quick. In addition, it will deliver a 30-days money back guarantee. Had not you been satisfied with the service, your money would have been returned.


Do you need more free space? Duplicate Files Deleter will help

Do you need more free space? Duplicate Files Deleter will help

Speed up your computer

It can be irritating when your PC or laptop is running slow. Duplicate files can be one of the major causes why that happen. Hence, you should sort out the randomized files in your hard disk. There are various methods how you can do that. However, it can take too much time if your hard disk is completely full, and that too with unnecessary data. So, what should you do then? There is cutting edge software that can help you out with this problem, and its name is the Duplicate Files Deleter.

The software does all the hard work for you. It can get rid of all the undesirable, duplicated files from your computer. It does a complete search of your HDD and finds out the two or more duplicate files of the same data which may be saved at other locations. It completely lists all those files and their locations, and gives you an accurate analysis of how much space can be set free if you delete the files.

Why choose Duplicate Files Deleter?

It is extremely efficient tool to deal with all unwanted and duplicated files in your computer. It provides its users with utter service and special features, such as quickly scanning, multiple actions, auto-select option, ultra-fast search & 100% accuracy, and many more. The software is compatible with every operating system, i.e. Windows XP, Vista, Seven and even 98 version, and it will work just as fine. You can have it for free!

Easy instalation and usage

Installation steps are easy to follow. Once you have downloaded the Duplicate Files Deleter, you will have to select folders you wish to be scanned by the software. Then you will have to wait some time while the software scanning and looking for duplicate files. Finally, you will have detailed list of original and duplicate files alongside with their size and modification dates. You have two options to choose from. The first one is the auto delete of all the duplicate files. We advise the second option, which is selecting a location to store the data, it can be stored both in internal and external memory device i.e. HDD or USB. Ultimately, all the duplicates and unwanted files will be permanently removed from your computer.

Download duplicate files deleter now

The Duplicate Files Deleter is extremely powerful software that will certainly boost up performance of your computer. So, go on and download the Duplicate Files Deleter straightaway.


Utilize the Duplicate Files Deleter to get your PC fit as a fiddle

Consistently wondering why your pc is getting slower and slower by the minute? Getting frustrated when your pc takes so much time to open? Duplicated files might be the reason. There are a lot of ways to organize your files, but how will you know which and where every duplicated files are in your pc? There is a new revolutionary software that does the job perfectly, that removes all the unwanted duplicated files in your hard drive. It is called the Duplicate Files Deleter. This software will be able to search thoroughly your hard drive for duplicated files. After searching, the software will give the list of files, enabling you to decide whether you’ll get rid of the files or just leave them be. It will also give you a detailed analysis on how much free space you will get when you delete a certain file and it will show you where the original locations of every file.

Utilize the Duplicate Files Deleter to get your PC fit as a fiddle

Getting the best duplicate finder, will help the performance of your PC. You may have saved the same file on various locations unknowingly. The Duplicate Files Deleter is the best software you can use to fix this problem. This software is free and it can easily be downloaded on your computer having windows XP, Vista, Seven and even the old 98 version.

Once you have downloaded the Duplicate Files Deleter software, you will follow easy simple instructions. You have to select the folders that you want to scan using this software or you can scan every file in each area but the process will take longer.

After you have selected an area to scan, you should wait and watch the duplicate files deleter do its job. Patience is a virtue while waiting. When the scan is completed, you will have the list of all the original and duplicate files pop in the screen. The original and duplicate files will show the size and modification dates of each one and it is displayed one after another.

The Duplicates

                Think twice before you choose the option of the deletion of all the duplicated files. It is better that you choose other options, like choosing a location where you can move all the original data. The Duplicate Files Deleter is a very effective software that will optimize your PC and free up your PC’s storage space. Do not keep your PC waiting, download the Duplicate Files Deleter now!